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Wasted Words

Posted 10-17-2008 at 04:27 AM by simplyecks
Updated 10-17-2008 at 04:49 AM by simplyecks
Category: Writing and Poetry

Wasted words uttered wistfully off my tongue

Like listening to a language that's not understood

Needed was a response, what I got was a song unsung

For I exposed my soul to her but was left unheard

I was asking for her forgiveness for my unfaithfulness

Her unspoken words tell it is I that she cannot trust

I tried pleading to her with all my being but to no avail

My infidelity's got the best of me, things didn't end well

Similar to that of the frozen artic her stare leaves me cold

Facing at me but looking past me her gaze pierces my heart

Her learning of my promiscuity never again could our love start

Her love which was my ecstasy is now gone, now in my bed i've tossed turned and rolled

Now here I am without her warmth to alleviate my pain

I continue to pursue her to gain her trust once again

Communicating in anyway I can to let my words join her ears

But now alone, without a thought I fear the end is near

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