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Not Just A Mental Burn

Posted 10-17-2008 at 04:19 AM by simplyecks
Updated 10-17-2008 at 04:54 AM by simplyecks
Category: Writing and Poetry

i've lost her, she's gone, and now my heart aches
pain arises as i sit here writing and contemplating about her
my body feels a shake that rumbles harder then any earthquake
life with her was so clear, now with her gone its just a blur

stuck here forced to use music to slowly alleviate my pain
she used to be my ambrosia, now to my heart she's just chlordane
she nourished the unsatiable which that is my soul and now, shes gone
it felt natural to feel her love, and so now to any other girl, i'll be withdrawn

my thoughts are spinning so crazily, i just don't know what to do i'm so disappointed
we connected so well and now it seems our love is mixed up and all disjointed
though it was known that i drew strength from her love, she was also my kryptonite
my future was seemingly so bright but now, with my love untouched, it is now in respite

i hear she has another, that invokes feelings of sadness and anger
my hearts red with enmity, resentment occurs, i feel all out and just worn
anxiousness arises, overbearing chest pains strike as my stomach turns
as you can see my mind gets the seizure but its my heart that feels the burn

this was writen about a recent friend i lost... what i wanted to say in this poem is that is that you don't just hurt mentally, there's physical pain as well wherever it may be.. but for me its usually a tight knot in my chest.. well.. um.. i don't know what to say after this.. i'll just let my poem speak for me.. i hope you guys enjoy and i hope you feel what i'm feeling right now.. well not feel it but unerstand how i feel... throw kudos and comments if you wish..

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