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It gets worse for now

Posted 05-14-2011 at 02:09 PM by Shireinue
Heya! Last time I talked to you guys I had limitless tests, guess what time of month it is?! FINALS!!! Yep, finals mean I don't have any tests if I passed state testing (Well, I still have to take chem ) Which means....YAY!!! FREE week! Unfortunately I'll be working on trying to job shadow before my teacher bites my head off! So it's either Marine Biology or Theater Department...Blah. Not only that, but my ex has been so....Such a....Ugh, he's been stressing me out, like everyone else does near the end of the school year. Hope being a junior is better...

ANYWAYS! The Burning Rush is now on Elsword! Followed by a few sexual comments >_> Other than that, we've been doing well so far; since it's mainly my friends who make up the bulk, we can get points quickly, we party together 80% of the time anyways! Hah.

Unfortunately my guild in Trickster is falling, we are now rank 9 and it makes me a little annoyed that members aren't on as much as they used to be - it's not their faults though; but it means it's time for recruitment!

More with Ntreev (I refuse, SGInteractive.) I figured out what's wrong with my GC. See, a few months ago my sound card got fried, and I've been going on just fine without sound, realizing that my GC stopped working instantly after that I messed around with it...turns out it's trying to read my fried out hardware >_> So, $14 for a new one.

Before I go, I got this thing called a Shimeji. They're desktop buddies (And they're cute!! ). So, I've been messing around with them a little. Surprisingly, when I'm sad, seeing these little people crawl around my screen kind of makes me smile and laugh. It's often because people I don't like would IM me and either Eevee or Stocking would just slowly push or carry it off screen. As for my other Shimeji, she'll just...well...grab it and chuck it. XD

Well, that's all I can say for now except that I was trolled at our local talent show; I came to support a friend and got to look at the other contestants. One of which involved my ex boyfriend's group. Of course they did an air band since their sophomore year and their introduction said that this is their last year to rock. So, the announcer said they would be performing Through the Fire and Flames. Stepping out into the stage, they all stood posing coolly as the music started playing. Instead of getting Dragon Force, however, we got Never Gonna Give You Up. The air band looked around pretending to be confused, then took off their jackets, then started to lip sync to the music, making everyone laugh like crazy. Unfortunately I got a bitter taste when the ex did his part. Bleh. Whoops, bitter much! Hah...hahah....Bye for now~ Adieu


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