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Yeh I had fun

Posted 10-18-2008 at 01:02 PM by SephyChu
So yesterday I had one class of Japanese. I got bored, but after that... it was just plain fun.

So I met my friend at the LightRail to pick me up to go to his house to hang out. So, a couple of my friends were already there but still not enough to play CRANIUM! So my friend Van decided to pick up his younger brother at my old high school. Saw some familiar faces, but there was one that caught my eye.

I liked him for about a year, but of course you can't like someone you never knew. So nothing has changed. I kind of forgotten and don't really care? Well, it was still fun.

After that, we came back to my friend's house to play some Rock Band? LOL. I never played since it wasn't something I like playing, at the moment. So my friend was singing the loud music, I Lol. It was just funny. LOL. So as people started to come, we started to play Cranium.

That game was pure hell. LOL. We yelled and screamed, for it was Girls V guys. In the end, the girl's won! YEH DUDES!

After that, my guy friends wanted a rematch from the Cranium game, so we played Taboo. Such a hard game to play Taboo, if you couldn't say certain words. But we still won. My friends started to scream at each other till they're lungs were out of air. xD Still fun.

After that we watched "She's the man". That was pretty funny, thought it was some Asian flick though. xD

Man, my friend's dog were so hyper. Couldn't sit down without them jumping all over me. >_> Couldn't even put a leash on them. D: Gosh, vile things!

After that, everyone started to go home... but my friends wanted to come over, since I had Soul Caliber.
So we started playing until it was like 10Pm. Damn. That was just plain crazy. LOL

We even let my friend play DEAD SPACE!! AHH !! I started screaming when the monsters popped out of no where. xD But in the end, we wanted my friend to he melee the mob monsters. And there goes his head...LOL

But I had fun with you though. LOL

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