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Posted 10-14-2008 at 01:42 PM by SephyChu
I'm quite bored. I have nothing to do for an hour, since I have to wait for my friend to get out of class. Till then, I'm just going to write a meaningless blog.

Well, yesterday I went to the gym with my friend. I wanted to try to get my arms a bit more...muscle? Cause I can actually feel it. D:

Well, what I'm going to do with a uber not awesome arm. Pretty much nothing. Just like the thought of it actually being able to see muscles on my arms. NOT TOO MUCH. That'll be too much. It'll make me WAY too manly. >_>

But other than that, I was running on the tredmill(spelling?). I never wanted to go outside and go run( never know who you'll find out there). But taking 1 hour of my "not so busy life" to go work out, is a pretty fun idea.

Hm, what now? I've been not doing much in college. WAY TOO lazy. Yes yes?

I actually do my homework though, but English feels too hard. I just usually bs my essays, but you know.. I think it's good. 8D (Yeh right). We may not do much in English, but at least we do something. Just pretty much reading and essays. </3 Quizzes and test.

And Japanese class... it gets boring at one point and another. Just a quiz/test and review the textbook for about an hour and a half. Gets really boring at times.

Next on my agenda... Math. Math just way too easy. Yes, I have remedial...and I regret having that lame class. >_> But it's an easy class to get by. Hopefully my retake class results come soon, so I don't have to be there anymore. But if I don't pass, I'll just pass the 6 test.(really not that hard either... Fractions, exponents, radicals? Wat?) Makes me wonder how people have a hard time in that class. >_> I've been pretty natural with math, must be why.

When we took this test today, the previous class thought it was "hard". So when I took the test, I breezed through it. Usually I am the first one done with worksheets and test. D: Not my fault it's too easy for me.

Other than that, that's pretty much my first semester class. Hopefully I can finish my Ge's next semesters. D:

Social Life:

Well, I'm kind of a bit stumped with certain friends.

One: Thinks she can used me and my friends so she can hang out with guys. Ew. Whenever she talks to me to hang out and my yearbook friends(Yes yearbook), she included this guy friend. >_> Got me kind of annoyed. I wouldn't mind just hanging out with her if it was just her. I don't rven want the guy to get "bored". since everyone knows one another except him. It's just bleh. Shes a nice girl at times, but she can be a handful to take care of. Go figure.

Two: My "friends". That's about it.

Now, my dad is actually visiting Vietnam these next two weeks. >_> it's going to suck, without my dad around. D: I <3 him. He also has to go back to Las Vegas to work, since he doesn't make as much money here. I'm hoping to get a job soon to help my family. My older brother just spends his money on himself; its rare for him to spend money on my family. (He still buys me games, but "returns" them. Lame. )

Uhhh... Relationship:

It's okay. Just been really hard to get to travel to L.A. to meet him. =/

I almost went on the next day prior to my graduation. But that person cancelled on me when I was already to go. So that person told me we were going to go another time. Never happened. That person went with someone else, while I was stuck here. I don't blame that person for leaving me, but give me an excuse at least. It's WRONG to lead someone on like that. It also hurts when I have to tell my boyfriend that I had to cancell it at the last minute. Just cause you can see your partner everyday, doesn't mean I don't.
(I feel selfish, but what can I say. I only see him once.)

Bleh. Thats about it. Life is just funny at times.

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