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Posted 11-11-2012 at 11:28 PM by Sakurah
I haven't wrote out a blog entry in a long, long time...

I'll be honest, I miss Trickster. Mostly, the Trickster before Gameguard made its odious return. I remembered spending all that time, effort and money. I worked on a whole bunch of characters. While I do not have a lv400 character, I had one that was close to lv350, one lv200+ and several 3rd jobs (chunk of it from Fast Track, but anyway...). I spent a lot of money on this game too, namely recharge coupons. Lots of them, mainly to have extra weight and my driller pet alive so I could store and vend refine ore.

As many Fantasians know, I'm also the leader of the guild, Astro Blitz. We've been through a lot, we had our ups and downs, we had our dramas, we had silly shit happened, stupid shit happened too, but importantly, we survived and flourished. We were "just that one guild that kept mentioning penguins and bacon". We're honestly no different, we just do our own thing and like to live our lives outside as well.

It is true when one says, "all good things must end sometime". Either I've "quit" or not is up to debate. But I will stick by to, "comets have a way of returning" as well. But with Gameguard or no, I think this is just as good of time as any to take a prolonged break and spend my extra money on something more tangible for once.

So what has everyone's favorite scumbag in red been up to?

I've resumed collecting Pullip and Taeyang dolls and looking to return to drawing as well. All on top of working at my grocery cashier job. My goal of collecting about 17 dolls is about halfway there, but I plan a lot of customizing as well. I've also planned on being more crafty, as I discovered on how to make lucky stars and love making them. I've also made a return to Solia Online and have been posting there as well (and donating).

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