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eTO: Why I Am Against the "So-Called" Proposed Server Merge

Posted 12-30-2010 at 02:12 PM by Sakurah
I've heard people talk about it all the time, especially the Fantasians. I, Kanani/NymphHelix, is against the proposal of the merge.

Each server has their own charm. Yes, if you want to go to the other server, you'd basically have to work on a new character from scratch. But what do you got to lose if you do that? Nothing. And you can come back to your former server and everything will still be there.

Another common point I like to touch upon is more people = more lag. Even with my powerhouse of a desktop, I still lag when I enter Mega. Now imagine the merge to be possible. Lag would be close to IMPOSSIBLE to overcome. :X

And yet another common point: drama. PEOPLE. FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER YOU HOLD SACRED, THIS IS JUST A GAME. You get pissed off that someone KS'd/KoS'd you, called you fat, says that your mom sucks, etc, then you really got some problems. Now imagine that x2. Even when they're not involved, I can imagine a bunch of players end up quitting eTO.

I am a Fantasia player and an occasional Jewelia visitor. Fantasia will always be my home. It is the server I started to play in when I joined my old friends Cherish and Cymfia, and it may be the server that I will quit in when that time comes.

I'll be honest, I think Fantasia is fine the way it is. Whining about the lack of PvP? Go to Jewelia. No hax equips on your account there? Too bad. You have a choice, sunshine. In fact, I seen a increase in Fantasia's activity. Even when the GMs announce they're gonna do O/X, people swarm. There is a decent amount of people who still level and do what they want to do. It is possible that those who are native in Jewelia may feel the same way I do, except towards Jewelia, except that it is fact that Jewelia's base is bigger then Fantasia's. I'd say the only advantage Fantasia has is a less-inflated market.

And that's my random ramble of why I think a server merge is a bad idea. If you get offended by what I just said, then you need to get some fresh air. This blog post is the view of Shini/Kanani/NymphHelix and is no way affiliated with ~*Mirage Coordinator*~, Astro Blitz or anyone else.

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  1. Hykari's Avatar
    You get pissed off that someone called you fat, says that your mom sucks, etc,
    I lol'd @ this. So random.
    Posted 01-09-2011 at 03:28 PM by Hykari Hykari is offline
  2. Sakurah's Avatar
    Well, randomness is a thing I do possess, but as long as you see my point, then yeah.
    Posted 02-09-2011 at 06:00 PM by Sakurah Sakurah is offline
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