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Fantasia Snipe Event Victory for Me?! o-o

Posted 08-30-2010 at 08:00 PM by Sakurah
I wasn't even gonna participate in the event, as usual, until they announced the locations of the GMs, with one of them being in Mega.


On my Fox, HeavensQueen (Kanani is on drilling duty), I decided to scour out this GM in Mega, in only one place where Mega was annouced: the Square.

It was when I encountered a weird looking tree that my cursor hovered over. HERMES! But what the heck is he? A background tree? How the heck did THAT work? So I said the words 'GM_Hermes is a tree!'. Nothing happened. Not the magic word. With others closing in trying to guess Hermes the same thing I said, I immediately recalled back about the tree 'monsters' in Mirage Island. I GOT IT NOW!

"GM_Hermes is a Walnut Tree!"

Waited for his answer, thinking I was wrong, as usual. But then he said, "congrats, heavens". I was the only person close by who has heavens as part of her IGN. OMG THAT WAS ME. I WON THIS SNIPE EVENT?!

Then he ported me to the empty O/X room, where I was a bit shy but had fun nontheless. Even manage to get him for a (second) snapshot (my first was on my sheep when I won my first O/X and got him to 'pose' for me XD). There, we greeted GM_Raven and another player. Got some neat prizes, including the elusive GM disguise kits.

I have to say regardless, this totally made my otherwise semi-crappy day. <3

Thank you, GM_Hermes!! =D

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