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Merry christmas!!! - 12/25/2008

Posted 12-25-2008 at 03:57 PM by Rwinna
It's finally Christmas Day!~~~ Happy Christmahanukkwanzaa to everyone!~ :3


I have a boyfriend! >////<

He asked me out on Christmas Eve just out of the blue. @___@; I'm still dazed.

Kind of sucks that I can't go outside because I'm sick, so the next time I see him will have to be on New Year's Eve. Q__Q;

He's going to teach me how to ice skate! I can't wait! /spam exclamation points

Hmmm, on other news, I went to a sleepover for Christmas. I stayed up 'til 6 AM, and now I'm utterly exhausted. We watched part of Tropic Thunder, but my cousin fell asleep midway, so we just turned it off. I went and watched Kuroshitsuji on my laptop instead. 8D


Presents I recieved \o/ :

Aero hoodie
$50 gift card to Best Buys
A dress shirt
A pair of slippies
$$$. 83
A bra. Lulz? Dx
Stuffed PANDA!
Beanies!!!! <3

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