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Potentially going to school.

Posted 08-13-2010 at 04:58 AM by Rhois
As you may or may not know, I've been homeschooled for almost 11 years. I recently went to an audition for a scholarship to a private school which focuses on cultivating individuals students talents, with an emphasis towards the arts. I went to the audition with the view of using it as experience for the bigger, and much more frightening audition I will having next Sunday for the Junior Associates, with a Gunn for a teacher/Examiner.

A whole bunch of palava later, (tvnz where there to make an article about it and wanted to interview two people who went to the audition) I lost my entire faith in journalism as it turned out to be more than just asking if getting the scholarship would be life changing, and whether I wanted to become an international dancer. They proceeded to hand us our letters saying, "Oh, you got in, isn't that wonderful!"

No. No, not really.

I acted as if I was glad to receive it, and thus, have been filmed lying about my joy of receive a scholarship.

Alot of discussion with parents later, we are seriously considering me going to Corelli (the school), but their lack of information provided of the form was startling.

Not to mention it was addressed to, and I quote with perfect seriousness here, "Mrs and Mrs White."

Ignoring the fact that my Father has just gone and had a gender transplant, I'm feeling, quite obviously, scared. The school is of course tailored towards people like me who love drama, art, music and dance. Hell, my favourite drama teacher of all time teaches there. I just wont be in an enviroment I'm used to anymore, and even though the eleven other girls (I was the only boy there) will be new too, they've all gone to state or public schools before.

And for some reason, they want us to start in the middle of Term 3. Why, I'm not quite sure.

Entirely new subject, what is your ideal Sunday guys? Does it involve going to dance at twelve o' clock in the merry morning, and staying there for seven hours with a performance at the end?

Jealousy, I can feel it eminating from you all.


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