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Everything today is thoroughly modern~

Posted 10-07-2008 at 01:03 AM by Rhois
Heh, I was naughty and almost forgot to update this. ;3

Today was fine~ It stopped raining long enough so I could bounce on the Tramponline! <3

Went to the video store, didn't get anything myself, but my Mum got out Thoroughly Modern Millie! Lurved it, espically the part were they dance in the elevator to make it go up. ;D!

It's holidays for everyone, except me. I'm homeschooled and we go by a 4-6 weeks working and 1 week off. But it's kind of boring right now, because I'm not doing any of my usual activaties I suppose.

And example of my usual week: Monday - Art, Tuesday - Ballet, Wednesday - Contemporary, Thursday - Drama/Computer Programming, Friday - Nothing!!, Saturday - Ballet, Sunday - Church/NOTHING!!

That's my usual week, until it will turn into: Monday - Ballet, Tuesday - Ballet, Wednesday - Ballet, Thursday - Ballet, Friday - Ballet, Saturday - Ballet, Sunday - Ballet?

This is because our ballet show is coming up! Yay. .__.
I'll talk about the ballet show in my post tomorrow. ;3

Everything today is thoroughly modern! Check your personality. <3

Oh, random awesome quote from this DvD about the progression of man. "War, is highly cooperative and and Intelligent theft." Epic no?

Oh, and I think I'll allow comments again. ;3
They better not be naughty. ^.~

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