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The Unlikely Dragon Slayer: Chapter 1: Orion and Isis

Posted 04-13-2012 at 02:33 PM by Rhinehart
Updated 04-13-2012 at 02:47 PM by Rhinehart
Ever wonder what it'd be like if I decided to write a short story? Well, wonder no more because every Friday I will write a new chapter or a new short story altogether for my new blog at

Although frankly, I'm not really sure I like that site very much because of its refusal to let me edit something after I've published it. I might move it somewhere else, but I'll keep you posted on that, should it occur. In the meantime, see if you can spot the descrepency between the version of my story here (the correct version) and the version of my story on hubpages (oops).

"That dragon looks like a cloud".

Evolution has proved itself to be a gradual process. And it's been said that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Let's roll with that for a moment and try to imagine what dinosaurs may have been when they were done being dinosaurs and became something else, before they were birds. Did you come up with dragons too? Welcome to my world.

In ancient times, dragons did indeed exist. In fact, there were as many dragons as there are birds today. Some ate plants and some ate meat, much like their dinosaur ancestors. As you might expect, the humans of those days often slayed dragons to survive, but most survived by running or hiding. I'm with the majority who prefer to run and hide.

To increase my chances of survival, I avoid crowded areas. Most cities are like buffets for dragons, so I keep to myself, my farm and hunt other, slightly less threatening animals to stay alive. Today's game, for example, is a white rabbit. Clearly it is a threat to life and limb, but not so much as dragons. Rabbits don't breathe fire. But it is a fast little bugger and I may very well die of exhaustion before I catch it. Bigger game is scarce today.

Suddenly, the rabbit I'm chasing makes a sharp turn to the left and before I can turn to follow it, I notice it got darker all of a sudden. Either the clouds are moving very fast or there's a dragon between me and the sun.

"That cloud looks like a dragon. No, wait," I said. "That dragon looks like a cloud".

In the sky overhead was a large, white dragon with sharp talons on its fingers, toes and wings. I'm on a first name basis with this dragon. Its name is Quark and it's pretty fierce. Luckily, Quark hasn't seen me yet as the woods I'm in are rather thick, but he's definitely looking down here for food and he's not an herbivore.

I leaned up against the nearest tree with the most branches and leaves to hide from Quark. After a while, having not seen so much as the rabbit because it went down its rabbit hole (which I'm beginning to wish I could do, but I don't think I'd fit) and it was likely the only meat around besides me, Quark flew by in search of more food. I don't think he was really expecting to find much here, anyway. He was probably on his way to the nearest town.

Having my hunt spoiled by a dragon, I head back home. Just because I didn’t catch the rabbit doesn’t mean I’ve gotta go hungry. I can still eat some fruits and vegetables from my farm. But when I arrived at home, much to my surprise, I found another mouth to feed. The mouth belonged to little girl who was probably about six or seven years old. She didn’t feel much like talking, from the looks of things, and who could blame her? It appears she was the only survivor of the nearby town of Burg. Quark must have hit it by the time I got home.

“You don’t have to tell me what happened,” I said to her calmly. “I saw the dragon on my way home. I can fill in the blanks. More importantly, do you want any food?”
“…I’m hungry,” said the little girl.
“I’ll take that as a yes. I don’t have any meat for you. My hunt didn’t go so well. But there is plenty of fruit and vegetables here. There are berries outside as well”.
“I had some berries already. I ate some before you came back”.
“Well, I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten some food. But you should definitely have more. I’ll make you some dinner. Make yourself at home while you wait. Do you have a name”?
“That’s a pretty name. I’m Orion. My name comes from the stars”.

I figured I should be as nice as I could, considering this poor girl just lost her whole family. When she goes to bed for the night, I’ll go check out what’s left of Burg.
Source: The Unlikely Dragon Slayer

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