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Good Juju

Posted 02-17-2012 at 10:00 AM by Rhinehart
Something good seems to happen to me everyday lately. I've had some ups and downs, but overall, things are going very well. I've recently decided to apply for a position on the staff at the Community House I've been living in so I can help the staff keep up with their appointments and other duties. This morning, I was going over my cover letter with another resident who took classes in business and she went over some corrections she'd like me to make to it.

Trouble is we were on the second floor, discussing it. There was an announcement over the intercom eventually, asking me why I was up there ('cuz it's kinda against the rules), so she and I went downstairs to talk to the staff about it. The resident I was talking with went up to the desk first to say it was her fault and it wouldn't happen again, but I got called in, too.

I got in and after a short lecture about the incident, the staff member decided to only give me a verbal warning instead of a write-up. I then asked if we could talk about some other things, since I've never had a meeting with her (the case manager) since she's always been too busy. She had some free time at the time, so she was able to oblige me. I went over my assessments with her, showing her my recommended careers and such and pointed out that it was all in human services and education. She was impressed and highly supportive.

After that, another topic we discussed was my kitchen chore. I dry dishes in the evenings, but the guy I have to work with (the dishwasher) is a major pain in the ass. He's been the recipient of a number of complaints recently, not the least of all mine and I get the impression that the reason he's in the community house is because he doesn't work well with others.

In my case, he keeps going into the kitchen early and doing all the dishes he can until the drying tables are all filled up, then he complains to me, when I get there on time, about how slow I am and everyone winds up telling me to pick up the pace. He's the only person I've worked with so far that I can't keep up with and he's the one who routinely does it. I'm putting the story of what happened last night behind spoiler tags, so you can read it if you want to, but you don't have to.


But after that, I mentioned what the cover letter was for and that I want to help out as a general staff member to help give Linda some free time to keep her appointments with the residents. She was thrilled about that and said that she'd talk to the executive director for it and give me a referral. She did warn me that since I'm also a resident, the other residents might give me a hard time, but I said I've gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me. So yeah, I might be on the staff soon, even if I just wind up voulenteering for it. I'm going to start making corrections to my cover letter now.

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