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Here There Be Silliness

Posted 07-07-2011 at 02:13 PM by Rhinehart
I came in to school last week twice to do pretests 'cuz they wanted to know where I stood in math and English. I did rather badly on the first math test 'cuz it was a little over my head at the time (forgotten, mostly) and got scheduled into the math 1-3 class.

Next day I came back, did another pretest and got on the waiting list for math 4. I started attending math 4 'cuz it was immediately after my English 6 class, the teacher offered and I figured "Sure, why not?".

Yesterday, I brought it up in the office and they said why not. They took the situation a little (understatement) seriously and said it was illegal for a student to attend a class they weren't enrolled in. They actually used the term "illegal". I thought "Well, given my choice of illegal activities, I think I vastly prefer this one". Not that I said that out loud, mind you.

But some paperwork was done and while I didn't see it, directly, I assumed it meant they were considering my situation and possibly expediting the process.

Today, I went to both math classes, like I'd been doing, and finally, before leaving, I told Mrs. Jenks what was going on, 'cuz she seemed really skeptical of me, due to the fact I wasn't taking many notes or doing the practice questions. So I fill her in and she offers to let me do my math 4 homework in her class and do any other assignments from her class, if I feel like doing them, which is a pretty neat arrangement and we were both under the assumption that I'd be dropped from her class when I formally get accepted into math 4.

But after math 1-3, I went back into the office to update 'em on my conversation with Mrs. Jenks and they told me that I'm formally enrolled in math 4 now BECAUSE I attended a class. So I was all like "Okay, great, so I don't have to attend math 1-3 anymore?", but they said "We don't do drops" or something. She explained it to me, but I didn't really understand it 'cuz I didn't really think it made any sense to begin with. So now I HAVE to attend all three classes at least 80% of the time or pay the $15 entry fee (which was waived due to the fact I have no monies). They're kinda silly over here.

But at least the assignments in 1-3 are pretty much optional. -shrug-

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