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Romance In English Class

Posted 07-07-2011 at 01:46 PM by Rhinehart
So, I was rather embarassed in English class today. We'd been talking about terms for what's written, why it's written, who reads it and stuff like that. Some guy in the back had given romance novels as an example and we had to determine things like why and who they're geared to, as we did with other examples like children's books, etc. The teacher later told us to write a paragraph on a subject and asked for someone to give her a subject for us to write about. Nobody answered fast enough, apparently, so the topic became romance novels.

Unknown to us, as we were writing this paragraph, the teacher had already decided to have us read our paragraphs out loud to the class.

Bet you can see where this is going. One of the ladies in the class wrote something but scratched it out. Iunno if she did that before or after she heard she'd have to read it out loud, though. Another one refused to read her paragraph 'cuz it was dirty. -sl- Great.

The guy whose fault it was that we were writing about romance novels didn't want to read his paragraph out loud, either, as it was rather personal to him. I was in the same boat as him, but everyone else read their paragraphs, including me. Since I didn't know much about romance novels, I just wrote a little bit about my personal experience (kinda vaguely) in romance, with more of an emphasis on philosophy or something. Mostly just giving advice.

Fortunately, there wasn't too much in there I'd really mind sharing, but I didn't really plan on sharing it with the whole class. But it was the first time in my life that I'd presented that much insight into myself to more than one person at a time. In person, anyway.

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