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The First Week of My New Life

Posted 07-07-2011 at 08:30 AM by Rhinehart
Updated 07-07-2011 at 08:33 AM by Rhinehart
Frankly, I think the "New" part in this title's kinda unnecessary, but hey. I recently enrolled in Lower Columbia College (LCC) in Longview, WA. Just GED courses for the time being. Anyone who's read this thread probably already has an idea of it. Things have been going well. It's a three day week, due to the 4th of July and all. From next week on, my schedule will be Monday through Thursday.

I'm enrolled in morning English (6) and noon Math (1-3), but in between the two classes, I've been staying in my English 6 class to attend Math 4. Math 1-3 is pretty much three classes in one. So far, it's been going at a much slower pace than Math 4. I vastly prefer Math 4, due to the teacher being as nice and lively as she is. I can't remember the last time I had a fun teacher. The teacher in Math 1-3 is kind of eccentric and I feel she takes her job a little too seriously. She should also probably be teaching math in a high school rather than a college 'cuz she kinda makes me feel like I'm back in high school again. She's doing all the talking, unless someone has a question, but nobody bothers asking questions, for the most part, so it's pretty boring. Math 4's teacher is, as I said before, lively. There's also alot more interaction. We started off with introductions and a brief discussion on what we were good at and bad at, set some goals for each class and there's great discussion between her and my classmates. Math 1-3 doesn't have any of that.

I've been on the waiting list for morning math since I first enrolled, after taking a second pretest, having given the school a better idea of where I stood in math. The bus schedule is also a factor. I could leave campus on the 12:10 bus if I wasn't in the noon math class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Otherwise, I have to wait for the 5:55 bus. Mondays and Wednsdays (and Fridays, but I don't have school on Fridays), I can get on the 2:25 regardless. So for Mon and Wed, it's basically convenience and I wouldn't have to kill quite so much time in the library. It's bad enough I have to wake up around 5am, despite the fact my first class is at 9:40. A little naptime at home would be welcome.

Yesterday, the morning math class got out early 'cuz the Math 4 teacher, Mrs. Watts, had an interview to go to elsewhere. So I took the oppurtunity to pop into the office in the vocational building to address the issue with my attending two math classes and vastly prefering the morning one. They took it very seriously, going so far as to point out that it's "illegal" for a student to attend a class they're not registered for (even if I am on the waiting list). I was thinking "Well, given my choice of illegal activities, I think I vastly prefer this one". Mom thinks I should've said it out loud, but the staff kind of got the idea, anyway. I made it pretty clear to them I didn't really care what they think of me, I just didn't want Mrs. Watts to get in any trouble for it. I know they have formalities, and technicalities, and so on, otherwise they wouldn't have a waiting list to begin with. But in the end, some paperwork got started and while I don't really know what's currently going on, I'd like to think I might be getting moved up the Math class ladder a little more expediently.

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