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My usual routine!

Posted 10-27-2009 at 10:42 PM by Rex
[SIZE="5"]ok so heres my usual routine of the day just for anyone who needs em as a reference i guess so i wake up at 6:30am get changed into uniform(yes we use unifors suks bad) i usually grab watevers lying around the kithchen eat it then leave to the bus since i got my ipod jacked im starting to think alot more wich in term hurts my brain lol so ya i get to school at about 8 wich gives me 30 minutes before classs so i talk to al my friends and stuff the funny part of our school we all have like our groups like theres the preps, goths, weirdos(wich would be me ), punk(wich would also be me),jocks(the have like subdivisions yes im serious),emos, and ect so we go to classes for first i have world geography wichi is my worst calss because i keep falling asleep everytime i mean how do you not fall asleep in that class seriously then thers second BCIS not much happens der then theres gym god i hate gym mostly because thats were they jacked my ipod so then we have lunch at 1:30pm wich suks of course so then for the end of the day we have algebra my best class so far considering last year i failed it with a 30 and im passing with 96 this year then i take the bus to robotics to the main campus because were freshman and we go the old campus but hey its decent enough robotics is pretty fun i get to talk to my friends from 10th and up after tht i go home clean up my shit and finnally but not least take a long hard nap =d[/SIZE][/SIZE][/CENTER][/SIZE]

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