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These blogs are about my everday life in the real world, and stuff that happens in Latale!
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Posted 10-29-2010 at 06:03 AM by Rem
Well im a little bit stressed of like EVERYTHING atm. High ass phone bill i have to pay off before i quit my job.. (500$) then i have an essay due next week but after writing 4 pages i was told i was doing it wrong (woo) and last but not least stupid ass drama with friends =.= i just hope next week isnt as stressful ..

Gaming wise:
Ok so i decided to take a break from TO (maybe quit) maybe its because im getting bored of it, no new people are popping up as much and the fact thats there soo much drama when there rly doesnt have to be any of it. So i had decided to go back on Latale ( i had played since 2008 but had gotten bored since not alot of people i knew played..) But im loving how you can style your character with alot more options then TO. The gaming style, lots of events and the gm's actually interact/talk back to the players (astros are also a heck of alot cheaper then myshop points, you get more for your money).

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