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Bright Shadow Online

Posted 11-09-2011 at 06:49 PM by Recette
Updated 11-09-2011 at 06:57 PM by Recette
Out of boredom from Trickster, and adamant that I will not play another MMO - as I tend to spend way too much time and resources on them - I decided to write something about my experiences, and sort of a game review as well, about my first MMO that I have ever played, Bright Shadow Online (ブライトシャドウ), that I miss dearly.

I started playing it almost two years ago, looking for any RPGs with cute graphics, out of boredom from the single player RPGs I had then.

The gameplay is decidely average. What I liked was a mentor system where players level 40 or above would gain mentorship points through level ups from the apprentices, and able to gain mentor levels (0-5), with increasingly better perks the higher the level is (mounts, titles, capes). Cards from defeated monsters or certain completed quests are also another plus, they could be traded for equips, skins, or used to summon the same monster for a period of time (though any damage output is pathetic). Guilds are there to ease access between different players, as well as giving players some skills and storage access.

My main character, Leslie, and guildmates defeating a boss, to obtain the best ingame title, that gave great stats if obtained. EN version.

What kills the game is the difficulty in leveling up - that increases dramatically after 40 and up. Excluding a couple of mobs all of them give increasingly pathetic % experience, while at the same time becoming harder to kill. And quests give craptastic experience except at the beginning. I managed to get a bunch of characters to 70+ though, including a 86 at EN, though, as well as a 95 and a 94 at the JP version by myself - out of a level cap of 99 - with the second character being created solely to significantly increase my damage output, though if that game had a marriage system, I would have her married to my main as I have on TO ^^

My main character, Leslie, and my alt, Nagano, together, at the JP version ~~

There are a total of 8 end game classes. While there is no PvP, they are imbalanced in such a way that some are much more useful overall than others - healer classes suck as they have difficulty in doing everything alone due to low damage output. In the other extreme, classes with high damage output - namely, gunners - are given preference, especially considering the presence of mentorship buffs that make dying nearly impossible unless you do a mistake. So different from TO where one hit KOs are the norm, and mages are OP. In any case, I had fun with all of them.

Me double clienting Marisol (healer, center) and Ana (tanking, top left), EN version.

What most people liked the game for was of course its graphics, or, to be more exact, the game characters and equips/skins. I came to play something cute and decidedly got a game that it is cute. Stats derive mostly from ingame equipments, though they are mostly ugly. MyShop skins (clothes and what not) could be bought to greatly enhance your appearance. There were also mounts, motions, fireworks, among other fun stuff. MyShop is tradeable though people still sell them for expensive prices. TO characters and equipments are cute, but customization is very limited, so this cuteness is that what I miss the most.

When it was announced that the EN version would close - on August 2010, I think - I moved to the JP version, and some old EN mates moved as well, and stayed there until December, when they announced the closure of their version on Februrary as well

Me and a bunch of players just prior to server closure, JP version.

I moved permanently to Trickster, which I am still playing as of now, deciding against a move to the TW version, lol. Just recently, Gamania/Beanfun reopened a EN server, though content is still limited in relation to the JP version.

I may or may not go back in a full-time basis - I wished I could get all my stuff from before lol, but that is just wishful thinking - but a lot of people I know from both EN/JP are back, and I wish all of them the best ~~

Having some random fun with other people, EN version.

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