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The Sound Of Animals Fighting - Act II: All Is Ash Or The Light Shining Through It

Posted 10-04-2008 at 10:00 PM by DemiGodDanzig (DemiGodDanzigs Blog Of Stuff)
Updated 10-04-2008 at 10:27 PM by DemiGodDanzig
since i wrote so much about Anthony Green,here is a song ive been listening to for too long /=

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oh wow
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Posted 10-04-2008 at 09:59 PM by MsSquid (Justice Sez)
I love gore and violence and body parts being ripped off as the victim screams in pain.
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Last night i hit someone with my car...

Posted 10-04-2008 at 09:55 PM by Ronin
So like last night i was driving around in my car coming back from work i took the country road because my boss told me that there was a traffic jam on the highway so i was like "alright thanks chief" and off i went into the dark road where only 1 light was on every 2 miles, as i was driving down i decided to speed down a bit then out of nowhere i hit something and it hits my wind shield i stop and reverse and ran over it accidently so i just kept reversing and turned on my fog lights...
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hey man

Posted 10-04-2008 at 09:46 PM by Poople (The Most Fail Blog On MMOG)
*whispers* hey man i need the stuff man i can't wait any longer man i need the stuff man where's it at
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Bunch of nothing.

Posted 10-04-2008 at 09:31 PM by SephyChu
So everyone was I might as well do it too.

So I was reading Eye Shield yesterday... and I got so bad, due to the fact, there's only 8 seconds left in the game and they stop... WHY!

I hate waiting a week just for a new manga chapter. But Patience is key.

Well, I'm going to Chuckie Cheese tomorrow... And I'm probably gonna play the kiddie games for fun. But my favorite game has to be Time Crisis....
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/gg FTW! Addict
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