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how to make friends? maybe i'll never know

Posted 10-15-2008 at 10:16 PM by Globalastro
on my ride home from dropping off the car payment and realizing, do i even have friends? how do you even make friends? maybe i'll never know
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cheese on a stick
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Work work zZzzZzz

Posted 10-15-2008 at 03:54 PM by AnnabelleMarie
Updated 10-15-2008 at 03:57 PM by AnnabelleMarie
Another boring day at work....
The only good thing that happened so far is that i get to use Tim's comp (hes my boss) Dual Screens...i must buy my own
Also my brother keeps eating my lunch >.>
*goes back to work*
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gah lol
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jumping through hoops for promotion already earned?

Posted 10-15-2008 at 03:51 PM by Globalastro
so, my boss is promoting me..... and i knew this... but i found myself having to jump through corperate hoops to actually get the promotion i recieved....

i have no net, i have no computer and blockbuster is stupid as hell...

for this promotion, i had to get on the nternet and say i wanted it.. OF COURSE I F..KIN WANTED IT.... but i had to do this to approve ANOTHER backround check since i guess the one they origionally did on me is now useless??? they know where ive...
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cheese on a stick
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Whtie Flag

Posted 10-15-2008 at 12:25 PM by PedroRomero (Elephant Ears)
I think I'm gonna give up:

Give up on the blue-eyes
Give up on going to JP this summer
and Give up eating eggs. lol

last part may seem random but-- it's not.


My classmates are still going to JP but as it stands it's just really... not plausible for me to go. but i won't say anything for sure. my dad says if i keep thinking like this i won't go to japan. honestly, i'd feel more willing to go to JP if it were a more organized...
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Miyuki's - Blackout.

Posted 10-15-2008 at 05:14 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Updated 10-15-2008 at 10:03 AM by Miyuki
Ugh...I hate blackout.

And today it's like..2, 3 times ><, hate.

Luckily I don't type out my assignment at my desktop pc...unless I want to get frustrated every time @_@'

This time I just use my notebook to type all of my assignments, and backup them to my ext drives, just in case.

Sigh...and today's cause I heard was that the cable...'snapped'? More or like thieves stole the cable off...

gg cable theft, hope you guys...
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Snow Vampire
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