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Miyuki's - Foobar2000! Setup and Tutorial!

Posted 10-16-2008 at 06:46 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
This time, I'll mentioning about Foobar2000, which is a lightweight, yet powerful audio player, for those audio enthusiast out there ;o

[All images are in thumbnail form]

Why Foobar? Why not WinAmp? Windows Media Player?
Why I choose Foobar? Simple, as these:
- Light weight audio player, only at 2.76MB.
- Plugins, 3rd party plugins, that will greatly enhance your audio listening experiences.
- Supports TTA, FLAC codecs with plugins enabled....
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Snow Vampire
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Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend?

Posted 10-16-2008 at 03:41 AM by Kotarou (Kotarou's Over a cup of Coffee)
Updated 10-16-2008 at 03:45 AM by Kotarou

Silver: Yo dude, 'sup.
Kotarou: Stupid assignments. Yeah.
Silver: IT Law? Presenting on Friday, right?
Kotarou: Yeah, some defamatory thing. Anyway, how was your friend's wedding?
Silver: Was cool. Big diamonds are big.
Kotarou: Speaking of diamonds... Today's Mix.FM topic was "Are Diamonds really a girl's best friend?"
Silver: Well I dunno...
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Miyuki's - Snatch Theft

Posted 10-16-2008 at 02:08 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Just today I heard Cath's friend, where her sister handbag being snatched away by theft.

All of her belongings such as her phone, cc, id.card, everything been taken away but luckily she wasn't hurt.

It seems lots of robbery happens these days, my boss's house been broke in, luckily nobody was hurt, Cath's friend handbag been snatched away, no one hurts, my work place been broke in, too...last few months and bad is last month, I think...where someone been shot, during...
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how to make friends? maybe i'll never know

Posted 10-15-2008 at 10:16 PM by Globalastro
on my ride home from dropping off the car payment and realizing, do i even have friends? how do you even make friends? maybe i'll never know
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Work work zZzzZzz

Posted 10-15-2008 at 03:54 PM by AnnabelleMarie
Updated 10-15-2008 at 03:57 PM by AnnabelleMarie
Another boring day at work....
The only good thing that happened so far is that i get to use Tim's comp (hes my boss) Dual Screens...i must buy my own
Also my brother keeps eating my lunch >.>
*goes back to work*
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gah lol
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