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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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da fuq.

Posted 06-05-2012 at 10:57 AM by kuyaBaka (laquesha-shanaynay-deshamaniqua-coshanique-jaquineequa-fantasia's blog.)
who da hail thot it wuz ok to make a lab clas go frm fkin 6 to 9 at nite lyk wtf iz dat!?
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2 kawaii 4 u
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My Happy 19th ^_^

Posted 06-05-2012 at 01:35 AM by kmelfina
Er June 2 as passed away.. but regardless. Just another year!

I'm in California, Encino so... yeah spending time on interwebz and library (only books on sexuality since I still can't get hormones out). If anyone remembers Alex from previous blogs... yeah I recently interacted with him. He thought I got rid of my virginity xD Guess I'll be the butt of every 'virgin sacrifice' joke. I head back to VA on the 25th of July so there's a 2-3 week time frame where I can see him 'physically'....
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L i s t e n T o M e

Posted 06-04-2012 at 12:05 AM by Mirage
Updated 10-15-2012 at 08:23 PM by Mirage
Why do you want to bring a t t e n t i o n to yourself?
Are you that d e s p e r a t e ?
You know it's called t a l k i n g to people.
What, am I not considered ' t r u s t w o r t h y ' ?
So I give a d v i c e
You c r y and say I don't u n d e r s t a n d
Are you an effing i d i o t ?
Oh, wait. Y o u a r e
Well. C r a n k y mood?
Pfft. E x c u s e s . All of them.
You say I don't k n o w y o u .
H a h a . I r o n y ?
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deny 'til you die
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Posted 06-02-2012 at 04:09 PM by Volgin
Updated 06-02-2012 at 04:51 PM by Volgin
Dear Computer Technology geniuses than is clearly not I.

Is this combo correct and will it fit with each other?

I have a power supply/graphic card and harddrive already. I just need to update these parts.

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i passed. woooo.

Posted 05-30-2012 at 09:13 AM by kuyaBaka (laquesha-shanaynay-deshamaniqua-coshanique-jaquineequa-fantasia's blog.)
CCE95: B
Math133A: B
Hist15B: B
Kin69: B
Kin21A: B
Sitting overall at a 3.19 with a 3.39 SJSU GPA.
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