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Grand Fantasia
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Grand Fantasia



"The Morning After" (a bit NSFW)

Posted 05-27-2012 at 02:32 PM by kuyaBaka (laquesha-shanaynay-deshamaniqua-coshanique-jaquineequa-fantasia's blog.)

Ugh. What a wonderful short movie. A friend showed this to me, and I thought it was wonderful. It's about a "straight" guy who is starting to open up to the idea of being bi-curious. What I love the most about this video is how it juxtaposes how women are more sexually free and liberated as far as preferences go, while men are still too self-conscious about their masculinity. There's a few semi-racy scenes, but for the most part it's watchable....
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2 kawaii 4 u
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I chopped off my hair!

Posted 05-26-2012 at 09:15 AM by Queen
Hi everyone.

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bitch pls
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All I know about how to order deli meats that I've learned in four shifts

Posted 05-23-2012 at 08:12 AM by Queen
I was recently hired as a deli clerk at a local supermarket, and honestly some customers I want to punch in the face.

"Can I get a pound of ham?"

welp, let's see. We have Big Y and World Classics brand, and each has about five flavors, then we have domestic hams and imported hams, and there's about 5 more of those.

I mean, I'm sure it's worse because I'm new but we have everything on display. Is it so hard to look and pick out exactly what...
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bitch pls
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How to stretch

Posted 05-23-2012 at 03:33 AM by AeJeen
Finding time with your hectic schedule to work out is tough. Whenever you do have an extra half hour to yourself, you likely jump right on the treadmill or the bike and take off, going as quickly as you can to burn as many calories as you can in your short amount of time. This can actually be dangerous. If you donít take time to stretch before you work out, your muscles will not be properly warmed up and your risk of injury will be higher than if you had taken the time to stretch. You should also...
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Posted 05-22-2012 at 06:48 PM by mamoru (for most things)
4 Phyrexian Crusader
2 Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
2 Viral Drake
4 Distress
3 Tezzeret's Gambit
3 Virulent Wound
3 Black Sun's Zenith
2 Contagion Clasp
3 Artful Dodge
1 Tumble Magnet
7 Swamp
4 Inkmoth Nexus
4 Darkslick Shores
4 Drowned Catacomb
5 Island
2 Thrummingbird
4 Corrupted Resolve
3 Blighted Agent
SB: 3 Surgical Extraction
SB: 3 Doom Blade
SB: 3 Go...
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situation walkspace
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