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Maria+Holic Ep1

Posted 01-09-2009 at 09:54 PM by RandomCrazyBuns
Gawr~School started, and with the bunny boxes(for those who play TO) I have less time to watch anime D:
Still i couldn't resisted doing a review on Maria+Holic. What makes this anime fascinating? Scroll and see.

The episode started with a scene showing us a blue haired girl in a car. In the background, a guy was heard reciting a chapter from Ame no Kisaki Academy Student Handbook: Every student at the school should always keep a pure, free, modest, faithful, curious, friendly...
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Posted 01-09-2009 at 09:28 PM by VorpalBunny
I haven't played a Rayman game in ages (the last time I did, I had a Pentium II), but I have heard complaints from loyal fans about how there hasn't been a real Rayman game out in ages. Instead, the fans got Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party. After playing through it, where's the problem? This game's psychotic, equal parts insanity and genius, and the most fun I've had with a game that's a collection of minigames in a long time. This Wii title has probably been overlooked during the holiday buying...
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New Updates, New Blog Entries!

Posted 01-09-2009 at 06:51 PM by Sephie (The Lunia Blog)
With the new patch for Lunia, I'm not hesitant to say that I'm very pleased with it, although some people aren't so pleased with Yuki's quest. It's all down to opinion though, and accessibility I suppose. If you've got the money to, you could easily buy Yuki for 89 GCoins, of course there's also a package for Yuki and a Character Card for only 101 GCoins. Fairly good deal, IMO, since you're only paying 12 GCoins for the extra Character slot. But if you can't use GCoins, they released a quest to...
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New Content!

Posted 01-09-2009 at 05:15 PM by Authentic
As usual OGP released a patch updating Latale with new content this week. The only difference compared to past maintenance/patches was this bi-monthly update took three weeks to be released. 'Latale will always be updated every two weeks' my ass! Then again a couple of months back we got two updates in two weeks so all in love is fair, and I do love me some Latale. ;D

With this new update came a ton of stuff released, the showstopper being crafting. Oh what a showstopper it was.
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CLANNAD ~After Story~ - 13

Posted 01-09-2009 at 04:56 PM by Kotarou



The episode begins with Tomoya wanting to tell Akio something important;- however, Akio is messing around as usual, and almost runs off (after Sanae) again, but is stopped by Tomoya. He wants to discuss something serious with him, but to Akio, "serious" means baseball.

Tomoya agrees to the baseball match
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