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A new record

Posted 01-16-2009 at 06:01 PM by PedroRomero (Elephant Ears)
It's the lowest temperature it ever been in my area in the last 10 years. a high of 28 degrees. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

i hate cold weather. and i dressed in layers like crazy today. i'm still cold now.

still no avenue q tix come my way.

still lvl 159 mwahaha

does anyone know where to DL YGO 5Ds episodes?
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New things, I suppose~

Posted 01-16-2009 at 01:45 PM by Sephie (The Lunia Blog)
Well, there's not much for me to speak about since I haven't been on recently. With exams coming up and a science lab exam for me already, I'm sort of tied up with school~ But you know, things would be a lot easier if there were more Lunia CMs, since as of right now we only have two. Applications are open, so if you want to help out... /hinthint

Recently, an Onrpg poll came up posing the question "What is the Best Gameplay in an MMO of 2008?", and guess who made it...
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1)(verb) - to fail.
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lol Trickster

Posted 01-16-2009 at 07:05 AM by Adun (i has a blog)
I actually logged into it today.
Runs pretty well on the new laptop.

I was surprised to find people still log in the [JW] Guild. Unbelievable. I thought people would have left.

Last login was just 2 days ago from another member.

I haven't been on Trickster in over 8 months.
It really was a surprise to me.

I didn't remember how to play, ahaha.

LK for Mages is now 1,000 for a "high" stat. Insane....
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Take it easy!
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My turn huh?

Posted 01-16-2009 at 06:37 AM by Freezi

So what has Freezi been up to this week?

Right: Nothing. I barely visited MMOG and I didnt even play Latale. The reasons for that are my job which makes me feel like
I dont want to do anything in the afternoon and some personal stuff like: Seeing my girlfriend, helping my mom where I can since her feet is hurt, smartphone broke down -> warranty pls.

Well so much to me, next topic:

The other CMs already posted about the
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Eighteen today.

Posted 01-15-2009 at 06:41 AM by Beato
I wake up at 6 AM to a peaceful morning and it's still very dark. Well, I guess, it isn't so much when I'm done posting this. It is as I've done every year.

I've never felt anything particular for my birthdays. I've always hate how my birthdays always start out. Whenever my mommy comes in and she jokes, "One year closer to moving out." Now it's "Yay, I can kick you out!"A joke I've hated since I first heard it, all I can do is put the stupidest smile on my face...
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~Endless Witch~
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