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A Fun Day :]

Posted 01-31-2009 at 10:59 PM by Hawk
Today, in Lunia, my guild and I did a Kirin raid. It was fun as hell . We finished in 9 minutes. We got to the secret boss, and well, we all lost a life, then we began pwning him >:].

Then I helped one of my guildies stage to Episode 2L, it was fun. I met a new friend today too. Her name is Claire. I'm starting to get back the feeling of a big family when I'm with my guild now ^^.

Before I went to sleep, I did a Lower raid. Me and an Eir defended, and we won! It...
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new manager

Posted 01-31-2009 at 08:35 PM by PedroRomero (Elephant Ears)
Updated 02-02-2009 at 08:27 AM by PedroRomero
so at gamestop my old manager is gone and today I went to work and we had a new manager.

lol anyway I was sad because I really liked my old manager. he was so lax and cool. and then this new guy is annoying and he's not as fun to be around. he's also kind of slow to do things. like if i need him to unlock something it's like he's sluggish. and then i try to do things and he'll stop me to do it some round about way....
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LSC Tournament

Posted 01-31-2009 at 05:55 PM by Gladiat (The Lunia Blog)
Updated 02-09-2009 at 07:36 PM by Gladiat
Looks like the Lunia PvP Tournament just kicked off and is well underway!

The opening ceremony was pretty laggy, and a bunch of matches are already finished, and lots of them were pretty intense. Kinda sucks that there was a bunch of DQs due to unconfirmed times etc.. Ijji made the prize larger, and now, people are trying harder to make it to the quarterfinals to get a consollation (IDK if my spelling is correct) prize.

On top of the LSC, there's still GM_Etoile's...
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Dark Assassin D:

Posted 01-31-2009 at 05:15 PM by Shazbot (Grand Chase)
I tried fighting one. :>

It didn't go well though, since I was using my Lass, and I phail at it, and the other lass seems to just like to dash around. x-x
His first skill isn't bad though. He makes himself invisible, and he gets half a second to do whatever he wants . I find the second skill better than the 3rd. ;D
And so, I decided to try and unlock the batard! The quest looked easy, 50, 3, 3,...
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Chaos Spire and Fiesta

Posted 01-31-2009 at 09:24 AM by Tardar
So, they removed the level restriction on the Chaos Spire, and so I think, I might give that a shot, I mean doubtfully, but I might give it a shot.
nTreev also added the Fiesta maps again, they do it so frequently they might as well just keep them in there. =/
But oh well, more PPDs for me to sell after they go away again. The new fashion came out as well, looks pretty good, but then again, it's pretty tacky stuff, it doesn't look like stuff I would wear, since I'm pretty picky with...
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