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Posted 03-31-2009 at 05:47 PM by arno

I tripped upon this by accident.

And noticed the admin was "Tim"

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ep117

Posted 03-31-2009 at 05:09 AM by RandomCrazyBuns
KHR Ep 117 (I apologise for the picture size, but imageshack was weird on me._.)

We continued the fight between Gamma and Gokudera. More Uri time yay~

But first we see Tsuna hesitating to try out Spannerís invention. Spanner was worried that Tsuna didnít trust him because he was an enemy, but Tsuna reassured him that was not the case. Reborn commented that Tsuna trusted his enemies too easily and threatened to shoot him. (From a hologram image?)

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Sick and work -.-'

Posted 03-30-2009 at 06:07 AM by slarron
Argh I dont feel good but IM at work anyway. Am I a bad guy cause I work or a hero wich works for the company O_O?

Anyway, the day goes kinda fast ! And I cant complain.

Now you prob wonder what Im working with . Well I sell stuff by phone ( wow what a shitty work you prob think ) wich is ok! the payment is fair enough and the company is really nice!

cant wait to I get home -.-!

well thats news for now on ...
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Ruff and tuff week!

Posted 03-30-2009 at 04:00 AM by slarron
The first day I tried Latale I decided to make a warrior.

All I can say that warrior were fun, but damn! I f**ed up the skills haha. Now that warrior is lvl 21 and I feelt "now its time to try something els"...

after a hard day of work and no rest I came home. so I read on the forums just to find "my" class. And it turned out to be wizard.

wizards are fun, BUT they are haard O_o. the first lvls was such a pain in the ass . But...
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A not-so-special entry.

Posted 03-29-2009 at 03:19 PM by Gaap (Timer's Trickster Blog)
Yea. But I might as well post it.

I wen on this morning and I met and befriended a Dragon, who we both want to help the newbies out there with the Angel system. So we went. And while waiting at Coral Beach, I got a call from a Cat named Linas. (I thought she would be a Bunny, because of that name.)

And from what I see, she's not really "new" thanks to the equipment give-away. (A fused Jen shield, a Bamboo sword, and a pretty flower hairclip) But since we are...
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Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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