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Been a while...

Posted 06-08-2009 at 10:46 AM by Joey (Because I can, and it's free!)
Yeah, so I totally haven't posted to my blog in a while. I've finished my second semester of college, gogo me~

Next semester's gonna be great too, because I'll finally be starting working hard in my major coursework. So I've got 9 credit hours of art classes, and 3 credit hours of art history.

Now that I've posted the boring crap, Imma talk about this summer so far.

Okay, I've seen like, 87 movies already. The stubs that I still have in my wallet are...
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advertising space
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Posted 06-05-2009 at 11:35 PM by FlierFox
i had no idea that there were blogs on here wowow

i don't need this thing though i have a blog elsewhere AKA i have a livejournal go look at that instead!!!!
go away

but yeah hi
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ok this game is great
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Qq . . .

Posted 06-04-2009 at 10:46 PM by kuyaBaka (laquesha-shanaynay-deshamaniqua-coshanique-jaquineequa-fantasia's blog.)
It's been a while since I've posted, mainly because of the relentless finals and worrying about the end of the year. Well, today was graduation -- I had to show up to perform in it and . . .

I mean, I'm not ranting, I was wailing out, as well.

I know so many of the leaving seniors, and it pains me to know that they won't be here next year -- and if they are, only for an hour or two at a time. I'm seriously gonna miss...
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2 kawaii 4 u
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So it's semester break!?

Posted 06-04-2009 at 04:55 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Oh fff yeah..../throw away uniforms [it's tight you know Q_Q;] ...and more biological terms for this month...hoorahhhh /jumps on bed.

Bad news:
Now i'm broke.../stares at clothes and shopping lists .-.

/crawls on bed....and doing some part time job ...while in this semester break ;;

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Snow Vampire
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LaHale(hail ;D)

Posted 06-02-2009 at 08:58 PM by Elisavet (Elisavet's Journal)
Heya there, Kimmi here again ^_^
Still playing LaTale (shocker amirite) I'm level 113 now =o
Going a bit slower since I lost my Kanzo and Pet (trying to get a Tengu and Iris stone x_x...but my astro fund is running low *shakes fist angrily at her father ;.;* Well that's it for now, if you need me on LaTale feel free to mail me or PM me on here :]
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/gg FTW! Moogler
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