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New Chapter

Posted 08-10-2014 at 10:12 PM by Mega
It's been a while since I posted here. Honestly I forgot about it again.

This website is pretty much dead now, I wonder how long until Paul decides he wants to save that money for something else and closes this place

As for real life:

I finally got to move to 2nd shift, where all the people my age are and most of them like to play video games too

But the bigger thing...Mom passed away July 4th at 1:24pm. She fought almost a year against melanoma...
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Goal 2 - Training & Concerns for the future

Posted 06-24-2014 at 12:25 AM by Light
I received news a few days ago, that I've been accepted in the military summer program.
This will entail 6 weeks of basic training, with no obligation to join the forces after completion.

That's a comforting thought, because lately I've been having some reservations about my future within the forces. Including the future after performing the 4 year term.

How things go after the 6 weeks will ultimately determine if I can handle it. But even if I could, I'll still...
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Goal 1 - Education

Posted 05-14-2014 at 02:45 PM by Light
I write this blog in the very unlikely event that Ethan will view it.

I have 3 goals to completely restart my life and be "reborn" as a new person.

Goal 1 - Education
Goal 2 - Training
Goal 3 - Career

My 3rd goal involves my leaving everyone I know and love behind. Moving to a new province and taking on many life challenges in the military. Nothing will be the same ever again.

Near the end of March, I completed the...
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don't lose your head tho

Posted 02-08-2014 at 03:27 AM by Veloze (merriweather post hardcore)
Updated 02-08-2014 at 03:30 AM by Veloze
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first blog of 2014

Posted 01-28-2014 at 07:39 PM by Ascherit (Promoting Life Since 1993)

hey y'all what's up

I'm starting my senior thesis this semester like what the heck

like 3 blog entries ago I was just starting college and now I'll be graduating in a year???? what is life

also makoto/haru from free! has taken over my life and is my OTP do not mess with them or you'll mess with me

ok good

gina OUT
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doki doki freestyle only
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