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I have a date with destiny tomorrow

Posted 09-29-2010 at 12:47 AM by Ascherit (Promoting Life Since 1993)
more specifically, calculus

my second test is tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be better than the last test...I can't afford to get another 54 on it ;_; my average is barely a B and I want to keep it that way (or get it to an A but that's kind of impossible so I won't be too optimistic)

if the test was pure differentiation then I wouldn't do so bad on it...but it's not.


kewkew hopefully some sort of divine entity is on my side tomorrow.
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Half an hour until class. RAMBLE TIME!

Posted 09-27-2010 at 11:40 AM by BriGuy92 (Bri's Ramblespot)
Updated 09-27-2010 at 11:59 AM by BriGuy92
I'm guessing this will end up being a common occurrence: on Mondays and Thursdays, I've got a class from 10 to 12, nothing from 12 to 2, and then class again from 2 to 4. It is during that period of time from 12 to 2 that I find myself in the library, posting on ggftw. Like now. Schedules are a good thing, right?

Speaking of the library, this has got to be one of the ugliest buildings ever built, ever. I mean, just look at it:
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A "Seru" like blog

Posted 09-27-2010 at 09:45 AM by SOC
Okay after the three epic Seru entries, I've decided to share one of my stories, too. I think some of you guys may have heard this before with visitor messaging but, most of you probably haven't lol.

So two years ago when I was a freshman at my university, I stayed in the dorms. One night I went to go shower and when I got there, two other guys walked in at the same time which was really weird because usually no one showers at that time. So as we're getting ready, they comment on...
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kiss a day goodbye

Posted 09-27-2010 at 01:56 AM by mamoru (for most things)
I think the world was a simpler place last year. Well, not really think, know. I have a tendency to start off with the phrase 'I think...' a lot. I wonder if it reflects my lack of confidence. But I consider myself pretty confident when I need to be. Does that make sense? Ramble ramble.

I... don't know what I want to do with my life. It's a question and struggle that has become more confusing as I continue to become closer to adulthood. I remember when I was younger, I wanted to become...
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Blog 5

Posted 09-26-2010 at 03:52 AM by Adun (i has a blog)
It's been a long two months since I last posted here. Wtf, I thought I was doing better than that. It was supposed to be a weekly entry. I moved and didn't have Internet for a month but I don't remember what happened before that.

Yeah, we finally managed to get our modem set up. But that was before we had to contact an electrician to set up the phone jack that they neglected to put in before we moved in. And that's not the only thing either. The toilet stunk, the bathroom walls...
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