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I have way too much fun in US History

Posted 03-08-2011 at 07:19 AM by Hekutaa
v McCarthyism
The essence of trolling
A moronic, fallacy-based argument, which grounds the user impervious to any incrimination, while those that speak against the user can be called a communist for disagreeing with him
Coined by master troll of the time, Joseph McCarthy, who accused people of disloyalty without providing evidence. For instance, at various times, he claimed to have the names of 57, then 81, and then 205 communists in the State...
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A Fool's Journey - Chapter Two

Posted 03-07-2011 at 10:10 PM by Dani (Writing Shenanigans and Other Things)
After his mother sent him off to get some food for lunch, Kazuki jogged along to the kitchen on the first floor of the manor. As he was about to turn into the kitchen he bumped into one of his older half siblings. Jin was his name, and he towered over the lad. Kazuki backed away a few paces but was grabbed by the shoulder by his elder brother. The man's grip felt like it could just crush his shoulder to a bloody pulp and the boy tried to escape from his grip.

"L-let me go!"...
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A Fool's Journey - Chapter One

Posted 03-07-2011 at 03:41 PM by Dani (Writing Shenanigans and Other Things)
April 23rd, 1925

It was a beautiful spring day in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The sakura were in full bloom; a breath taking sight for all who saw. On the far countryside of the area, not far from a cliff over the ocean waves below was a large manor. People often stay clear of this place, rumours flying around that the people are cursed by the very tengu who roam the mountains of their beloved country. Others say they are monsters, perhaps even kappa who wish to devour all human children!...
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Posted 03-06-2011 at 11:55 PM by Bob (ggftw Staff Blog)

Awesome song.
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This isn't what I think it is... I think o_o;

Posted 03-06-2011 at 06:39 PM by kmelfina
Updated 03-06-2011 at 06:56 PM by kmelfina
Basically a few minutes ago I asked dad to get off computer since 2x event on LT + I'll let him use it in the next hour when I'm sleeping. I checked the tabs and apparently stumbled onto "Lexuality" site kinda thing. Awkard much? I think it's porn due to the nudity... I'm very confused right now on whether I should a) Ask dad b) Give a sh*t c) take option that it was an ad. But somehow it was on the tabs...

Anyways the site I was seeing him was blogspot *I think*. lfiawoerih...
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