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Why not..?

Posted 06-03-2011 at 12:42 AM by Lala
Updated 06-04-2011 at 06:32 AM by Lala
This one is a short post. Just wondering why everyone but me seems to have this. Why can't I have it too?! *pouts*


I have noticed that some people around me seem to have some kind of drama going on. Now as an outsider looking in, it's kind of shallow drama, I mean like, not that big of a deal. But maybe that's because I'm not dealing with it. It may be the "be all end all" drama of drama in their life.. Who knows? Other than them..

Tags: blushing, drama, fairy
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About the earlier novel

Posted 06-02-2011 at 08:30 PM by Sveros
Its name is ぴにおん.I am sorry to those who tried to use the title earlier as a reference.

Well this being my first time actually reviewing a novel.I shall try my best to bring out my thoughts and give u a view of it.

Describing the situations(it really is funny)
Some plot ideas

Plot is not strong as its a harem novel.Does not have too deep a plot for its story.
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Today smth i found something awesome that changed my day

Posted 06-01-2011 at 10:37 PM by Sveros
As i was rushing out from home to go poly.I hit my hand hard against the door which hurts a hell lot and my hand still kinda hurts

I thought today was going to be a nasty day but while browsing thru the web during my break at I noticed a rather interesting light novel name that intrigued me. I immediately dl it and starting reading it. Boy it was really funny, couldnt help smiling and laughing while reading it. What is this light novel u guys might think. ...
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Birthday tomorrow, graduation... *sighs*

Posted 06-01-2011 at 01:15 PM by kmelfina
18 and almost out of highschool. Know what that means?

I can be a total slut =D okay maybe not but that's what I fear I'm going to be.

Keeping feelings, emotions bottled up unable to act upon 'em. Having crushes I cannot go for or attempt. Saying things I know I can never get across completely...

Damn... I just feel so desperate, after this whole year seeing all the couples in the hallways gettin' all affectionate and what not. Feeling jealous and alone...
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Summer Break

Posted 05-31-2011 at 11:42 PM by Bob (ggftw Staff Blog)
I submitted my portfolio, finished my finals, completed my projects, and had a great time at FanimeCon. Now I'm looking forward to a wonderfully productive and relaxing summer.
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