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Posted 07-03-2011 at 05:04 PM by weissritter (Wei / Edelweiss / 孤月 's Blog)
Updated 07-03-2011 at 05:20 PM by weissritter
This isn't another SDGO vid post :X

I am still trying to get acts up here and there on various suits like Astrea Gundam, Blue Frame 2nd Rev, and Verde Buster.

Also trying to finish the various beautiful VN that i had installed and never finished. Plus Rewrite just came out. Which adds oil on fire.

Guess i'll just share a song. Hopefully when TW releases Ryufu. I'll get to apply it on it.

This is probably one of the best...
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Wei Wei~
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Posted 07-03-2011 at 10:37 AM by Revali
The past few weeks I've been experiencing some REALLY bad insomnia. I'd stay up for about three days, trying to make my body get some rest.
I didn't know what was causing it, but apparently last night, I had a good night's sleep.

Though I'm a bit worried it may rear it's ugly head again. :x
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BlazBlue CS Ranked Matches etc

Posted 07-03-2011 at 05:24 AM by Metty (<Insert witty blog name here>)
Updated 07-03-2011 at 05:33 AM by Metty
As some may have noticed my blogs name is now a parody of BlazBlues "Teach me, Miss Litchi!". This is due to me getting back into loving fighting games again, mainly BlazBlue. As I sit here typing this on my laptop next to my new 360 and eating this lovely sandwich and drinking this Italian coffee I have had ten people ragequit on me. These people get perfected the first round, then spam taunt the second round before unplugging.

These people have over one thousand games...
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Derpin' Herpin'
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I swear to the Prinny god that NIS really is founded by demons!

Posted 07-02-2011 at 04:31 PM by Blizt
Why is Prinny 2 so god damn difficult?!!

Yesterday I tried to fight the last boss that I couldn't defeat last week (and last last week...), in the end I finally beat both forms of the boss...which took me about 3 hours with a total of 280 lives lost.

And then I was kinda outta my mind to rush the secret mode and beat the last boss in that mode too, I think that took another one or two hours or so...

But the time and lives spent were not the only...
Tags: demon, muscle, pain, prinny, psp
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Happy Tree Friends

Posted 07-02-2011 at 12:23 AM by Revali
I watched this show on youtube for the first time, and...I actually like it. Although that it's about Furry, cuddly, little animals meeting a gruesome death, I like it.

I showed a few friends today and here are their responses:

"Why would you watch this? I can't unsee this now."

"...Don...does this count as vore?"

"Sick bastard...why didn't you show me this sooner! "

(For any of those wondering,...
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