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What to do at work ~

Posted 09-07-2011 at 07:31 AM by nugey21
Updated 09-07-2011 at 07:33 AM by nugey21
Was browsing around youtube watching standup comedy classics<3



ggFTW Lurker
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Posted 09-06-2011 at 09:27 PM by Ascherit (Promoting Life Since 1993)
First week of classes isn't too bad. Monday was my first day and I only had 3 classes -- one of which was cancelled, one in which I watched a movie the entire time, and one that I barely did anything in. It was a good first day. Today, my second day, I had class at 5pm until 9pm. Again, not too bad either. Only thing I'm miffed about is that I'll be spending over $300 for just one class alone. Stupid expensive film/animation major (screw live-action filming I just want to do animation QQ)
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swiggity swoogity
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I'll need a blindfold at this rate to pass most classes

Posted 09-06-2011 at 06:29 AM by kmelfina
Well, the past few weeks of school is just... great. Lectures lectures lectures, notes, reading, quiz/exams.

And the problem, cute guys aiehr;aoehsra;erh so damn distracting that I have to smack myself on the inside just to snap out of it. It's worse than hypnotism.

My main problem is International 101 Globalization, my TA... so smart, and his willing to talk or even have knowledge of controversial subjects piles on top of his cuteness. Maybe I see intelligence first...
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ggFTW Spirit
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Q___q + ^_^?

Posted 09-05-2011 at 06:21 PM by weissritter (Wei / Edelweiss / 孤月 's Blog)
Updated 09-07-2011 at 10:06 PM by weissritter
Last Episode for BattleSP Brave this weekend and I can't watch it Q_Q What a torture Q_Q

Haruka Ni Aogi Uruwashi No Done
Finished 4.5 routes and hasn't touched it until recently... No wonder it had good reviews. Although I didn't start it just because of good reviews...

I guess the stories are something like a tiny candle light in a room of complete darkness?

Its funny, but hurts to watch/read, but heart warming, and yet it hurts...
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Wei Wei~
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This Video is About Blue Cats

Posted 09-04-2011 at 04:18 PM by Kudaranai (ggftw Staff Blog)
And then some ho asks "what is this video about" in the comment section.

You know who you are.

I cannot stand those clueless YouTube users.

"What's the song?"
It is right in the description or in the video itself.

It's one thing if the info wasn't provided so I get it if they ask a question. But when the info is right THERE on your screen, I can't help but think "omg, you're an idiot"

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늑대와 미녀
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