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Usually stuff on art and music in games. My own opinion. I'll try to make it funny/interesting with pictures if I can.
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I知 Always Blogging about my Art

Posted 11-04-2010 at 03:47 PM by RaineScarlet
Updated 11-04-2010 at 08:29 PM by RaineScarlet (Added pretty pictures, nyah~)
There痴 something wrong with that. To begin with, I知 not a professional artist. I can稚 draw anything other than cute anime girls with huge eyelashes and I知 not even very good at it. But I still blog about my art. Actually, most of it is me raging about my fanart on a particular game, but I suppose, for me, that痴 how I stay interested in games--through their art.

I知 not saying that being able to draw makes me an authority on game art, but knowing how to draw somehow connects me to the game(s) on a deeper level. Where some people might think that a game art is 田ute, 都hiny, even 都killfull, there痴 always something deeper under it. When I look at any art, I look for a personality and a story, in both the character, the game, and the artist. I love seeing the characters move and express themselves in ways that the game doesn稚 let them. I read too deeply, really... But anyway, I値l use Trickster and Grand Chase as the two prime examples, since I致e had artistic epiphanies with both. For the former, I値l end up mentioning Kotarou痴 manga again (I樽 SO SORRY I WON探 DO IT EVER AGAIN).

Trickster Art
Really sucked at first. I mean, it was that stereotypical cutesy crap that every anime-inspired MMO game had. The characters were always smiling or making cute faces. Once in a while, you壇 get that shot of one of the male characters staring into space (which was pretty hot =w=), but it was mostly the same thing. I almost quit Trickster for good, until that fateful encounter... Yes, here痴 where I mention the manga, which took the whole cutesy thing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I mean, in the manga, the plot became this dark thing, the game was going nuts, people were dying or going missing (although there was a lot of humor in between). Either way, shit was goin down, and I loved it. It brought a sense of epic-ness to the game, and made me want to play the game again. Although, when I picked it up, it didn稚 quite meet my expectations because it went back to the whole cutesy everyone-is-always-smiling-and-being-cute... Still, for something like a manga to fire me up that much was just insane. For a while, I had this wild idea that I WOULD WRITE MY OWN MANGA HAHAHA (which never happened, so don稚 ask to see it), and I was totally into exploring and walking around Caballa Island. This excitement lasted about 2-3 weeks before I quit again from the fail that the actual game was. Oh well.

Grand Chase Art
Grand Chase is one of those weird games. I played almost obsessively for a few months when I first found it, and then dropped it from the heavy grind at level 40-ish (which was where the quests capped at the time). BUT. I never really quit. The game just sat there on my computer and I played casually, just a bout of binge-playing (XD) for a week before dropping it again. Grand Chase is also special because they update a lot, and have a lot of characters, so if you池e like me and play casually, the game never gets old, unless you have three or four 2nd job missions waiting to be done. That痴 a real b*tch.

Anyway, on to the art. It wasn稚 that impressive at first. In fact, I thought it was kind of ugly, but it wasn稚 田ute, and that might have cinched it for me. It wasn稚 in the CG style of FFXII, which I don稚 really like, but it also wasn稚 anime-cute. The characters weren稚 smiling that much, and their character arts had this sense of RAWR to them (the art on the official site). RAWR = epic-ness? Sort of, anyway. It made me care about the characters a little more because it seemed like they were struggling instead of bouncing through the MMO world with smiles on their faces. So I never really hated the game. It was just there. Then came the hook that caught me. Well, there were several. 1) Jin. 2) Sieghart. 3) Dio. 4) Revamped art.
1) I致e already talked about how Jin x Amy really excited me. I mean, I don稚 think Amy痴 ready to accept (or even understand) Jin痴 feelings, but the fact that Jin has this in his heart really unveiled another part of his personality. It made him more than 鍍he martial arts character.
2) Sieg is immortal. I mean, that痴 a big deal in fantasy-verse, because that connotes all sorts of things, like not aging, people dying before you, being the only one left. That痴 a lot of deep shit right there.

I mean, what is that??!
3) Dio is hot. I don稚 need to explain this any more, do I? *winkwink*
(Added bonus: Those three sound manry as opposed to Ronan and Lass who sound young and fresh to me)
4) vs. Sh-she looks so grown up.
And wait. I know the first two weren稚 really art-related, but after learning these things about them, the art gained more meaning when I looked at them express themselves and move. It made me love them more as characters and it really hooked me on to the game. As long as they池e not smiling or acting cute in every game art, because having a personality helps players care about a character (though there are people who don稚 care.. XD).

I知 a sucker for slightly cute things that hide an inner darkness, which it was Grand Chase gives me in its art and its story. Now, I don稚 think it痴 the best game in the world, but the game alone attracts me. Usually in MMOs, it痴 the people, but for GC, it痴 the game. I hope they keep working to develop the characters and tie them even closer together!


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