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Usually stuff on art and music in games. My own opinion. I'll try to make it funny/interesting with pictures if I can.
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M-my hands are so cold, I can't draw.

Posted 11-01-2010 at 07:19 PM by RaineScarlet
Updated 11-04-2010 at 03:48 PM by RaineScarlet
I kind of want to finish drawing this picture of Lire and Amy wearing black frilly dresses.

For some reason, Grand Chase is a game that always comes back to haunt me. See, I started playing when it first came out, and then thought I had sworn it off for good, just like I swore off Trickster and Maple Story (*shoots self*). And then my cousin comes up to me.

"Hey, guilds are out."
"There are also new characters."
"One of them is a girl who uses technology and the other person is this demon dude."
"Ok, I'm gonna play on your mom's laptop now, in your room."

Well, that's not exactly how the conversation went, but one way or another, GC ended up on my computer again, and I've been playing on and off when I have no more homework or studying to do.

Grand Chase is really not a bad game anymore, MMORPG-wise. The grind is somewhat offset by the huge number of quests now, so it's not as painful as it used to be, and the community. ... Well. Let's not talk about that. Still, I just really like the characters and the storyline for some reason. Other than the fact that it's a bit kiddy-ish, it still seems cool. I mean, isn't Dio, like, totally hawt? Just ki--wait, no, I'm not kidding. GC has the same appeal that Trickster had after I discovered Kotarou's manga on it (I've mentioned it before, but it really really was a huge thing for me). It added a sense of mysticism and awe to something that was just another computer game, and I just can't get enough of it. For GC, it started with seeing that Jin liked Amy. Yeah, I know, I'm a huge sap who fails at life. Oh well.


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