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Reformatting Adventures

Posted 09-20-2012 at 06:07 PM by Queen
So today I went through the lovely process of learning how to reformat a computer.

I run an Asus K72J series and out of nowhere I started to fail to boot, and was running boot repair. Eventually it couldn't repair itself and I was going to wait until Saturday for my boyfriend's dad to reformat for me.

Thankfully one of my WoW guildies and I were texting and he said he could walk me through reformatting. All I needed was a USB! Well, after hunting for my old one and being unsuccessful, I make a quick drive to Staples (well, 10 miles away, but it's the nearest town that isn't a village). I got myself a latte at Dunkin Donuts and a bagel with veggie cream cheese and I was ready to tackle this.

I get home and he sends me an e-mail with a few tech forum links with detailed support guides. He said follow those and in the meantime he was available to text while he was at work. I created a Windows 7 Ultimate boot-stick with my USB and moved on. The hardest part was actually going into BIOS and finding Boot from USB. I sent him pictures of my BIOS, everything. He was stumped. On a whim I clicked some shindig and there was boot from USB. He had to run to court (he's a paralegal) so I was on my own.

I get to selecting a drive to install W7 on and I don't think he realized this, but the guide said "use the partition you already created to install W7 on". What. I don't, I can't. So in a moment of derp I pick the C drive (Why god why?!) and finish installing. I end up with two windows and even though it's a fresh, working W7 my C driver was still REALLY full, so I wasn't much better off.

But at the least I now had a computer that could BOOT so I bothered some friends of mine and they kinda wanted to give advice but wasn't sure what to say. I knew I had to kill my C drive and start from scratch but wasn't sure how. I shrunk a bit of a drive and made that partition I was supposed to, but my OS was still on the C drive and as long as I still had it on the C drive I would have multiple OS's the boot from.

Then my tech guru came back and recommended I obliterate my D drive. He said now is the BEST time to nuke it because if you don't reformat RIGHT after you can experience a lot of computer crashes if you just merge D and C without reformatting.

So I shrink the D drive and meet up with my buddy BIOS again. I got right into that shit and booted from USB (like a boss), got to the partition selection screen, merged all my drives (also like a boss), reformatted my mega drive (like a boss), and now instead of a 116 GB capacity C drive, I'm looking at over 400 GB of storage and my computer runs so fast I can't even believe it.

Now I know how to reformat, I have a boot stick all set if I ever reformat again (this might turn into something I do every six months if necessary). Currently downloading my 120-some-odd windows updates and things are looking good!

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  1. R's Avatar
    What a boss.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 11:39 PM by R R is offline
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