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ignoring my friends?

Posted 08-29-2010 at 01:37 PM by PedroRomero
Right now I'm mad. Really Really mad. I probably shouldn't even be posting this while I'm mad but... I don't really have anyone to vent to other than this blog. here goes.

So I guess I will put this here that I've always been the type of person that doesn't actively pursue relationships. There have been times had felt very lonely and realize that it's all very much self inflicted. I know it's so and I have done nothing to change that.

Anyway so ever since graduating I have come to hate the huge amount of people constantly insisting that "we need to hang out" at some point. No we don't. I don't wanna hang out.

And the huge amount of people who keep calling my daggone phone to catch up.

The people who complain that I'm always busy...

And the people posting on my fb stuff like:

"call me because somehow when I call you it doesn't work." or
"I wish we hung out more" with 10 people liking it! and those people having a conversation on my wall about how they wish I would actually hang out!

I hate how when I say I have something I want to do or I want to stay home they start to go all "you always stay home you it is not hard to just hang out just a little bit."

It gets to the point where I have so many people bartering for my attention that I hang out with them in order of who was the person I haven't seen the longest and who would irritate me the least.

Well I DO hang out. i'm ALWAYS hanging out! because you people haven't left me alone i haven't had a free weekend all summer! And people are encroaching upon my weekdays too! And when I say I'm working or tired from work it's ME that's wrong. I'm wrong for being tired after working or just wanting to go home and eat and veg out!?

the worse part of this situation is that i'm so annoyed by all of the attention even though I realize I'm the wrong one in this situation. I honestly don't care anymore but could you all please stop posting crap on my wall, blowing up my phone and basically begging for my attention.

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