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Lying in Wait - a /ggftw writing challenge story

Posted 04-17-2010 at 12:20 AM by PedroRomero
Prompt: Expectations
Title: Lying in Wait
Link: (URL - thread or MMOG blog)
Fandom: Burning Steel and Blood - A Riviera RP
Genre: action uh... romance?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Leht didn’t trust him as soon as he saw him. With a careful balance of fearlessness and cautiousness, he entered into a covenant with Evis to work together as a team.

Author’s Note: I do not own Leht and Evis. They are property of /ggftw members RoflKnife and Noperative.



Leht didn’t trust him as soon as he saw him. However, Leht also knew he could take care of himself. With a careful balance of fearlessness and cautiousness, he entered into a covenant with Evis to work together as a team.

Everyday with the other man only solidified the burning hatred that coursed through Leht’s veins and he could tell that he was also grating on the other. As much as Evis tried to hide behind that smirk, a sporadic tick was beginning to form at the corner of those lips. His once disgustingly serene face now sported a line in the brow and pursed lips. For all the grief Leht felt at the expense of the other man, he was glad he could witness at least that sign of weakness in him.

Of course, cracking Evis shell wasn’t something to go unrewarded (or unpunished). Leht could feel eyes boring into him when he wasn’t looking. He could feel them as he walked and as he ate. He could feel them even when Evis was supposedly not even around. They were constant and grating. It was like a warning sign for him to get the hell out of there. He had to run as fast as he could go to as far as his own two feet could take him.

Leht was in trouble and he found his sleep fretful and weak. Was tonight the night when the knife would be lodged in his back. Leht wouldn’t allow that. He couldn’t allow that. Instead he found himself counting the seconds with bated breath each night before he slept, exhausted and with fingers wound tightly around the hilt of his concealed weapon.

He couldn’t fall asleep. He wouldn’t.

Yet, every night he did and every morning he woke up perfectly sound, his fist still clenching the hilt of his dagger. It was nice to know that his grip didn’t loosen in his sleep, but it was still cold comfort for the fact he had still left himself vulnerable.

Thus their journey and semblance of companionship continued as they neared the demon capitol. The day, like the others, went by in silence. Both travelers were weary of their companion. They settled down for the night and once again Leht prepared himself for the possibility of a strike.


It began with the cold feel of metal pressed against his throat and the unbearable pain of something heavy pressing into his sternum. Leht’s eyes flew open and then winced tightly as whatever it was pressed itself further into his chest.

He flailed, he grit his teeth together, and he found his hands empty at his sides, grabbing fistfuls of grass and dirt. Struggling to open his eyes he was met with that familiar grin.

“Evis,” he groaned, forcing his eyes open though they only managed to be two pained slits.

“Hmmm,” Evis shifted, and the weight on Leht’s chest lifted a little, thought the cool blade still remained pressed dangerously against his trachea. “You don’t seem to have much to say now.”


The weight was back, and Leht’s eyes shifted down, allowing him to identify the pressure as Evis’ knee.

“I don’t want to hear anything out of your mouth unless it’s to beg for mercy…”


Evis arched a brow, perfect smile still in place. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry… I don’t think that’ll happen.”

Leht had refrained from doing any drastic moves before, as Evis’ blade was still pressed against his neck, but he had just enough time to think of an out. In one swift move, Leht used his legs to propel is body back, away from the blade. He turned slightly, hooking his left leg around Evis and slamming him down as he pulled his self up. Once standing he looked down at Evis, who lay startled in the thick grass.

“Quit playing games…,” Leht said.

“Games?” asked Evis.

Leht turned and crouched before the younger man.

“Yes, games. Quit stringing me along. You started it. We fight now.”

Leht stood again and took a series of steps back, his gaze never flickering away from Evis’ impassive stare. It was unnerving the way the young man looked up at him with half lidded eyes. His ever present smirk twitched a little.

“As you like it,” Evis finally said. He pushing himself up into a standing position. “Should we count this off?”

Leht’s mouth quirked into a snarl and Evis laughed lightly.

“I though not.”

Those words said, Evis was gone. Leht tensed a little, knowing that Evis had put on his distortion ability. He braced himself for any “displacement” that may occur, and was surprised to feel a body pressing against his back. Rough hands ran up his arms.

Leht hopped forward quickly, pulling out his dagger. He waved it in front of him but felt his arm get grabbed and pulled behind his back. He was in a hold and once again his assailant was flush against him.

Evis held him that way for a moment. His breathe was playing against Leht’s black hair, and his chest was having against the other’s back with each exhalation. It wasn’t until he felt a hand slide over his hip that the older man pulled away. Evis half expected him to stumble backwards, but instead he was met with a well placed fist to the jaw.

“What the hell man!” growled Leht.

It was Evis who stumbled backwards this time, and he felt his bearings give way to the ground beneath him. He landed with a thud and then the weight of Leht settling over his legs. Evis opened his eyes.

“Seems the tables have turned,” Leht growled. “You damn bastard.”

“I got careless,” offered Evis with the familiar smile.

“Damn straight,” Leht growled. He would have said more but was shocked by the sudden feeling of Evis rolling his hips upward and into his own.

“The HELL!” Leht backed away hastily, as if stung by Evis’s actions. “What was that all about?”

“My apologies,” Evis said. “It’s been a while since I’ve been so close to someone. I suppose my body acted on its own accord. It won’t happen again.”

“The hell it won’t”

Evis small smile faltered a little, before coming to life again just as quickly and twice as large.

“Guys are all about guts. It’s worth a try.”

Leht stood there, as if trying to figure out if the other man was serious. His fingers flexed indecisively at his side as he watched a bead of sweat trail down the cheeky teen’s smiling face. He was slightly flushed, and his breath was still a bit labored from the earlier tumble and yet he met his gaze unwaveringly. Leht was the first to look away.

Evis chuckled loudly, and Leht sent him a glare.

“I didn’t know you could be put off so easily,” grinned the youth.

“No, I just don’t happen to be a sexual deviant.”

Evis crouched down in the grass looking up Leht through his bangs.

“Is that what it is? It feels really good…”

Leht charged forward unexpectedly, and Evis sprung up on his feet. He wasn’t fast enough however, and eht latched his hands around his neck. Evis raised his arms, clapping his hands around Leht’s wrist.

“Come on,” he said, despite the hold Leht had on his throat. He stifled the urge to cough, keeping his wincing eyes trained on Leht’s ferocious glare. “What are you waiting for?”

As soon as the words were from his mouth, the antagonizing hold on his throat was relinquished and a pair of dry lips clamped over his own. Leht’s arms crushed him into a fierce hug. Evis was shocked by the fact his taunting managed to bring Leht to this point, but he didn’t complain. His lips quirked into the familiar smile, and just as he went to return the kiss Leht broke it and rested his head in the nook between his neck and shoulder.

Evis was about to make a smart comment, but then he felt Leht’s warm tongue begin to lap at the junction at his throat. He whimpered a little and arched into Leht’s embrace. Leht raised his head and met Evis enraptured expression with a sudden grin of his own.

“Is this all I had to do to get you to shut up a little?” Leht punctuated it with a roll of his hips earning himself a bop in the head from the younger freelancer.

So perhaps this wasn’t quite what Leht expected from his sleepless nights camping with Evis, but he couldn’t complain. It was better than having a dagger in his back by miles.

-the end-

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