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Manga Time

Posted 12-24-2009 at 11:21 PM by PedroRomero

I haven't bought manga in... months. Last manga I bought was a volume of Eyeshield 21 in August but before that I hadn't bought any manga at all for my collection since January.

So anyway I went and bought 40 bucks of manga today to attempt to catch up and did a poor job doing so. Today's shopping list:

-Beauty Pop 10 (final volume so it was priority)
-Prince of Tennis 30,31,32
-Phoenix Wright vol 1

So that means... i did nothing to catch up with:

-Slam Dunk
-Eyeshield 21
-Dragon Drive
-YuGiOh GX

and I did nothing about my interest in Yokai Doctor. I still want to start Yokai doctor at some point but... meh.

Also whenever I see Hayate the Combat Butler I feel a bit strange because I stopped buying it around volume 6 but meh... no use forcing myself to finish a series I grew tired of. I'm thinking of stopping Dragon Drive even though I'm at volume 11. Ever since Reiji stopped being the main character I just haven't enjoyed it as much... Although apparently he comes back in volume 13.

Anyway... dunno next time I'll buy manga after this. Will it be another year again?

ps oh and in case someone was wondering why i'm buying junk for myself and not talking about christmas it's because I don't celebrate christmas. lol xD so I don't do gift shopping. yay sales for me.

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