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The official life account of the greatest self proclaimed gentleman to ever grace the world of Random Forum.
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the Phresh Pharaoh of Bel-Air

Posted 10-05-2008 at 04:22 PM by PedroRomero
Updated 10-11-2008 at 09:36 AM by PedroRomero

Now this is the story all about how
my life got flipped turned upside down
I'll like to take a minute just sit down James
I tell you how I became the
Undisputed King of Card Games

In Northeastern Africa born and raised
in the palace is where I spent most of my days
chilling out Max and relaxing all the while
or playing some card games right beside the Nile
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
starting making trouble in my neighborhood
I got into one little fight and the gods got scared
they said "you're moving in with
Yu Gi and his Grandpa downstairs."
I wound up in Japan and things were less clear
like I couldn't kill folks for losing card games here
if anything I could say that this place is lame
but i thought nah forget it I'll play some card games

I brought card game booster packs seven or eight
and I'd yelled at the old man "Yo Homes, Smell ya later!"
Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there
to sit on my throne with my ridiculous hair.

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Posted in fandom , YuGiOh
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  1. lol

    Posted 10-05-2008 at 06:37 PM by Poople Poople is offline
  2. Catharsis's Avatar
    Your fandom scares me. ;o;
    Posted 10-06-2008 at 10:13 AM by Catharsis Catharsis is offline
  3. Rusty's Avatar
    I like it.

    It's pretty funny.

    Posted 10-06-2008 at 10:15 AM by Rusty Rusty is offline
  4. Yume's Avatar
    *seconds what Cath said* :x
    Posted 10-06-2008 at 11:05 AM by Yume Yume is offline
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