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>.< *him* and me: "coupled" friends

Posted 05-11-2012 at 09:22 PM by oOoNyXoOo
i can still feel the blood rushing through my cheeks~~

XD it's not really a romantic story
we're just friends
who share the same interests
who laugh together
who help each other
and understand one another,
and we're happy to be together =)

it's true~~ there's no romance here~
but i can still feel my heart jumping at the thought probably because *he* accepted me for being weak (XD i admitted i was weak >.<)
and his like 40 levels above me
but we didn't actually start out as best friends
the very first time i saw *him* in TO i felt like:
*he*'s so defensive, i won't get along with *him*,
not the type of person i would want to be with,

when we started having our private conversations
i felt like
wow~ didn't know i could strike a conversation with this person~~
so in short, it was I who had a problem, i judged *him* a little too much~~
and I didn't even cared to see what he was inside~ and now he's my 'bf'f

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