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Posted 05-09-2012 at 11:44 AM by oOoNyXoOo
Updated 05-09-2012 at 05:24 PM by oOoNyXoOo
XD first entry~~
okay so a little bit about nyx

  • IGN: *oOoEveCreutzoOo (sheep)/oOoCeraoOo (fox)
  • Game: Trickster Online
  • Server: Jewelia (Ruby Island)
  • Class: Bard/Explorer
  • C.Lv.: 104?/87?
  • Guild: Serenity
*note: my IGN is the reason why, there are times when i forget to introduce myself as Nyx,, i somehow got used to being called Eve by my Guildies so much that I even forget my real name, specially at home~ even if my parents are already shouting i still wont answer at times cause i forget that my name isn't eve

ok so much about my in-game info, i joined because i wanna help other newbies~ it sounds noble and all (it might even be too good to be true XD) but trust me I'm really willing to help, just make sure you speak english when you talk to me and it does not matter wether your the best english speaker around or the worst, as long as i can understand what your saying =)) (and in case i don't ill try to be frank in a nice way)

another reason for joining is because i wanna finish the story and write about it. I played trickster because I found myself excited by the story so my next blog entries might be solely for the story~

now what more should i say,,, hmmmm,,, i feel like i just repeated what i typed in my intro at the introduce yerself XD
wanna read it? here's the link then:
anyhow,, please look forward to see more crap from me ~~ >.<

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  1. your awesome for making a blog !! its not crap hehe its good stuff ^_^
    Posted 05-10-2012 at 09:22 PM by Mahiyain Mahiyain is offline
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