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New Blogging Features

Posted 12-27-2008 at 08:58 AM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:40 PM by NoeJeko
As announced on the forum, MMOG's blogs were upgraded to the latest stable version from Jelsoft. There were quite a few changes, so I'd like to outline some of them and how to use them:

First, a change was inadvertently made to the default permissions. Until today, unregistered guests were not allowed to view your blog. You may want to change these; they cannot be indexed in Google if guests cannot see them and pingbacks will not work properly.

To make this change, go to "Blog Control Panel", and mark the checkbox for "Guests may... View Your Blog". You may want to leave anonymous commenting off.

You may now theme your blog by providing custom CSS attributes. You can reach this feature through "Blog Control Panel->Customize Blog Style". You can simply copy your profile style (if customized) by clicking a button at the bottom of the form or you can provide an entire new style just for your blog. The CSS is limited to not distort the overall layout of the blog and you must be cognizant of your choice of background when posting for readability. Of course, you may do whatever you want but someone may not be able to read it and move on to another blog =]

Group Blogs are here! We're providing accounts for guilds and interest groups (such as the Anime MMOG) so that you can maintain your personal blog and your group's blog. To add users to your blog, select "Blog Control Panel->Blog Groups". Type the username that you wish to grant permission on your blog and they will be able to post by navigating to it and selecting "Post to this Blog".

Blog statistics can help you see how popular your blog is! You can see these under "Blog Control Panel->Blog Statistics". You can group by day, week, or month and all entries now have view counters on them; track your more popular blog entries!

Custom Content. You may now define custom content pages for your blog (great for interest groups and guilds) and you may define custom sidebar blocks for your blog. You are limited to 5 custom items per blog, so choose wisely. As with everything, any content not in accordance with our site rules will be removed. You may define custom content under "Blog Control Panel->Blog Custom Pages" or "Blog Control Panel->Blog Sidebar". From the sidebar CP, you can order your sidebar blocks as well as define custom blocks.

There were quite a few other changes regarding administration of blogs but I won't bore you with the details. We have the ability to create categories that are site defined but I don't believe we'll make use of that. A number of smaller things were changed - like the addition of tags and tag clouds and a few very small things were broken because our SEO engine has not caught up to the newest changes.

Happy blogging, MMOGers!

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