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Been a While

Posted 11-25-2008 at 09:48 PM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:40 PM by NoeJeko
Welcome back to NoeJeko's blog. It's been some time since I wrote anything. The US economy is in the toilet so I've stepped up my efforts at work to ensure I make the next cut (if there is one). MMOG is exploding so rapidly that there's always something requiring my attention. Gavist Media LLC was formed as the owning entity for MMOG. On top of all that, finding time to spend with my sweetie is a high priority.

This doesn't mean things aren't happening! We're planning a massive Christmas/Winter event for MMOG. We're hitting record numbers and thus are going to start looking to a bigger server soon, so we have plans to generate the money needed for this without begging for "donate plz? ". Yes, I do intend to leave you with just a teaser around the Winter event but I can assure you it's like no event you've ever been a part of on a fansite. We're planning to demote two features and pick up at least one more feature. We're working with publishers directly to give our community the best experience we can give - recently we announced our official affiliate status with OGPlanet (Gavist press release) and we're working to negotiate more affiliations.

Wakfu has been a hit, La Tale is holding strong, and Lunia is surprisingly active. Trickster still continues to hold the top of our game features traffic. MMOG hit a record of 511 online users today and this weekend came within a few hundred of 10,000 visitors in one day. Our monthly pageviews have exceeded 2.5 million and that number rises every day! Thanks to all our staff and our great community for making us the best MMO community site on the web!

Latest news - I'll be in Germany from Dec. 13th to Dec. 20th for a business trip. I haven't been to Europe since early 2007 so I'm looking forward to this. Requests for souvenirs are already coming in so I'll have to do my best to accommodate that =]

MMOGcon is looking like a 2010 projection will be better. I expected more revenue from ads and I didn't expect Gavist's organization to take this long. Hopefully we don't have to delay it further.

Until next time, cheers~

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  1. Chesters's Avatar
    My dad is visiting Germany later this week, hurhur.

    Not that that's really related but, I mean... trips across oceans are rather uncommon?

    Unless it's like. Just a tiny part of it. Not the whole length.
    Posted 11-25-2008 at 09:56 PM by Chesters Chesters is offline
  2. Yume's Avatar
    request: a german man with a tail who will tell me german tales
    he has to have a german face, hair and body too >:

    have fun in germany \o/

    srs bout my request yo
    Posted 11-26-2008 at 09:33 AM by Yume Yume is offline
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