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What Was Done, What Will Be

Posted 07-01-2008 at 06:17 AM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:44 PM by NoeJeko
There, Cath, I used a new image.

Iíve been extremely busy over the last few days. Last week I had so much going on with work projects and then coming home to work on MOG it was insane. Saturday and Sunday didnít slow down one bit. From the moment I received a proof of concept from sunchip, I went into hardcore development mode. Saturday, Bob and I went to see The Hulk which was pretty good. I never saw the first one because no one said it was good and I didnít intend to see the second one either because of this. A few people told me it was pretty good so I decided to give it a spin. I wouldnít say it was smashing (I meant to write amazing just now but somehow my fingers translated to ďsmashingĒ) but it was pretty good.

The movie Iím waiting on is Hancock. I keep seeing trailers for it and almost anything with Will Smith ends up being good. July 12thÖ Iíll have to block some time on my calendar for it.

Bob and I spent most of the day together Saturday and Sunday daytime; the nights were all work. Finally, at 4:45 AM PST on Monday, I was able to flip the switch and our new site design went live. It was an immense feeling of accomplishment as this was the final element to truly launch the site. I have a feeling the old, bland design was driving away visitors coming in off the search engines; Iím interested to see the traffic reports at the end of the week.

Thatís what was done, hereís what will be.

Anime Expo 2008! Yeah, itís coming up and soon. Today will be my last day at work before I go and I have so much to tie off before I take an extended weekend (read: 5 days off). Tomorrow Iíll wake up about 8, drive to Fremont to pick up my hitchhikers, and then take off to LA for 5 days. Iíll be staying with Leara who was gracious enough to offer his guest room to help cut down costs. The convention will last 4 days and Iíll drive back very late Sunday night. The CIO at work already told me I could come in late Monday morning so Iíll be able to get some sleep.

About the hitchhikers (theyíd probably hate me if they read this LOL): Since I had decided to drive I figured I may as well see if anyone in the area wanted to come along. I checked with Leara and the people he knew here already had arrangements. So, I posted on the official Anime Expo forums that I had space available. A few days later I got an AIM message from a guy that lives in the city and suddenly I had two random people Iíve never met along for the ride. It should be very interesting, hehÖ They seem like good people from talking to them a bit so Iím not too worried. Bob isÖ Sadly, she canít go with me this year. Itíll be the longest time weíve gone without seeing each other since I moved here in April and Iím not looking forward to that aspect.

Iíll be meeting some of our forum users for the first time as well! Biscuit (Lei) - a long time guild member and forum user, Leara (we met before when he came to FanimeCon in San Jose), and possibly Yuki (if she isnít too busy haha). I need to packÖ

Iíll try as best I can to include pictures and reports here from the convention but youíll get this information better if you have me on facebook! My brain is hella scattered right now so Iíll end this before I go off into ramblingÖ *goes to shower for work*

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