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Night Off

Posted 06-24-2008 at 06:54 AM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:44 PM by NoeJeko
So I decided to take a night off for the first time in about a week and a half. It was really nice; I had forgotten what it was like to get sleep. After work I went to pick Bob up and we went to our usual sushi restaurant. This place is great; Iíve eaten sushi at quite a few places around the world (ironically none of those places was Japan) and itís by far the best Iíve had. It even beats Aji Taro restaurant in Richmond, Canada which was my previous favorite. AnywayÖ

On our way there I was reminded of something I really hate about American drivers. They love that damn car horn. Iíve driven in 3 countries now: the US, Canada, and Italy. Only in America do people blow their horn at you at every intersection if you donít floor it the moment the light turns green. It actually makes for easy identification of American drivers when youíre in a foreign country because theyíre the only ones that do it. I hate it.

I got my revenge yesterday. We were at a stop light and it turned green. I didnít go immediately (I was actually a bit distracted for one reason or another but you donít need to know why) and the jackass behind me laid on the horn. Ok, whatever. He then proceeded to pass me and went one lane to the left. We got to the next stop light and the INSTANT it turned green I began blowing mine. I feel sorry for the poor guy that was directly in front of me which was not involved whatsoever in this episode but probably thinks Iím a jerk now.

If you get in there before 6pm you get the good stuff from the boat sushi bar - or at least what I consider the good stuff. Sake nigiri, tekka maki, maguo nigiri, hamachi, and lots of Jersey rolls. The Jersey rolls have mayo crab in them and are topped with salmon and cream cheese. Bob hates them so more for me =] The nigiri all but disappears after 6pm unless you special order it.

Weíre regulars of this place (Kazoo in Japantown) and we were curious if they had realized that we eat there 2-3 nights a week. After all, a couple consisting of a rather large white guy with constantly changing hair color and a cute Asian girl thatís about a foot shorter than him doesnít stand out at all, right? Well, that question was answered as we left last night. We were on the way out the door and one of the hosts told me, ďSee you tomorrow!Ē as we left. I found this insanely funny for some reason.

I got home, sent some resources to my colonies on Ikariam, and then fell into a very peaceful sleep. I slept so well that I woke up early enough to post this before I had to go to work!

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