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Paul's Tribute to Steve Jobs

Posted 08-24-2011 at 10:02 PM by NoeJeko
It wouldn’t feel right without my own tribute to Steve Jobs. I learned my passion for programming on the Apple IIe computer in 1989. I realize that Steve wasn’t with Apple at this time; however, the Apple II series was his work. I was 9 years old in the fourth grade and we had a program at Apollo Elementary that allowed us to learn a bit of programming. I can only recall one project from that year. We were working with graphics and I created one of the most complicated designs in the class – a screen full of 4 bit fireballs.

It took days to plot those fireballs, pixel by pixel, line by line.

Over the years I’ve developed on many systems. Soon after the Apple IIe I was animating USS Enterprise warp scenes on John’s 486 and writing my own side-scrolling game titled “Max the Duck” on my Atari 800 computer. From Basic to QBasic, Visual Basic to C, C++ to PHP—it’s been a long journey finally culminating with my first professional coding experience in the US Air Force in 2004.

I have no idea what I would have become if not for that Apple IIe in 4th grade. Maybe I’d have followed the same path. Maybe I’d be in a manual labor job to the delight of my ex-stepfather who always condemned me for “playing” on the computer. What I do know, however, is that this class and this computer forever changed the course of my life. Just like the iPod forever changed the digital music landscape, the iPhone forever changed the mobile device market, and the iPad created the digital tablet market, Apple has one more life-changing device in my book.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all the contributions you’ve made to the technology industry. I’ll look forward to the next stage of Apple evolution with Tim Cook at the helm; however, I’ll never forget the impact that Steve Jobs’ Apple had upon the digital world.

Paul Stout,
MBA (almost there)
Splunk Apps Manager
Owner, Gavist Media (

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Tags: apple, steve jobs
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