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Anime Expo, Day 1 (with Pictures!)

Posted 07-04-2008 at 08:40 AM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:43 PM by NoeJeko
Leaving for the con turned out to be a slight pain in the ass. So I showed up at the BART station in Fremont to pick up my hitchhikers. After the people cleared out there was no one there waiting for a ride so I called them to find out they were in the shower and still at home. IN VALLEJO! This is an hour north of Fremont and completely the opposite way from LA. They never called me back so I left after half an hour.

I got a text message about 2 hours later saying “the found a new ride so I could leave if I wanted”. Thanks guys.

It didn’t take too much time off my trip as I covered almost 400 miles in just over 4 hours. I got to LA so much earlier than I expected so I went to pick up our badges and had to wait in an hour long line for nothing haha … cone to find out Leara had gotten them from a friend of his on staff. That night we went to see Hancock and Wanted (we pulled a double-feature special =) ) with a friend of Leara’s. Hancock wasn’t as good as I expected and Wanted was better than I expected.

So now, the point you’ve all been waiting for (not really), what happened on Day 1 and where are the pictures?

Most of the pictures are on my facebook but you’ll have to PM me on the forums to get this link =] We went to opening ceremony in the morning and got to see all the guests of honor introduced. After that it was time to eat since only Ken had eaten in the last 14 hours. Food at the convention center will drive you broke – we have to bring food with us today. After that we went to a Shokotan panel. If you don’t know who she is Google her.

Next up was some shopping in the exhibit room – photos of my purchases will come after day 4.

I don’t remember the exact order of anything after this point as sleep was catching up to me and I was only running off some low-carb Monsters. I know we went to a voice acting panel from NEEC and later went to the AMV competition. This year’s entries were great; I hope #27 wins it. I’ll find a YouTube link when I can but until then, no spoilers =]

We stuck around for Midnight Tea which wasn’t that good in my opinion but was still something interesting to do. I don’t have much time to write anything else as we have to go so stay tuned for tomorrow!

I miss Bob…


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